McKenzie's Tickle Torture

McKenzie's Tickle Torture

by: popdivakat1979

            It was a bright and sunny summer afternoon.  McKenzie Westmore decided that she would go swimming, in her pool.  She had her bikini on, and it was a red one.  She swam laps, and then got out.  She then decided to go into the house and get into some dry clothes. She picked out a tank top and shorts, and then she laid down bed.   She fell asleep, and woke a short while later to find that she was tied to her bed.

            Then, she heard a woman's voice say, "Hello, McKenzie.  I have seen you on TV and wondered if you are ticklish.

            McKenzie shook her head yes.

            "Great.  Let's get started then," I said.

            Minutes later, McKenzie saw feathers, and I got on her bed.  Immediately, and without warning, I dug all ten fingers into her ribs.  Soon, all I could hear is her giggle laugh she has.

            "Hahhhhhhaaaaaaahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah.  Please, stop it.

            "What," I said, "Stop this?"

            I tickle her stomach.

            "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa, No.  Come on.  Quit it."
            "But Kenzie," I said, "I haven't found out if you are ticklish under your arms."

            "Please not there," she begged.  "I can't stand to be tickled there."

            "Okay," I said.  Then, I used the feathers and tickled under her arms, while she screamed and laughed.

            "I've got to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - hahhhhhhhahhhhhhhh hhhhhhah," her laughter continued.

            "Well then," I said.  "I will just have to tickle your feet, then"

            She continued laughing and decided to save her breath, because she felt like she was gonna need it.  I then started tickling her feet, and she went berserk.

            "Hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhh hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa, I've really got to go to the bathroom," she screams.

            "Piece de la resistance," I said, and I lifted her shirt and blew raspberries, on her stomach.  She wet her self.

            She woke, later that day and said to herself, "What a crazy dream."