Poor Alice Fell Asleep

Alice worked in a production plant in Cleveland, Ohio. She woke up at six, for work, after staying out until two, that morning, partying. She went into the closet, and put on a white sweatshirt, black pantyhose with lacy patterns, black jeans, and her Reebok tennis shoes. She went into the bathroom, and tried to wash the sleep out of her eyes. After that she put on her make up, got her things together, and walked out the door to go to work.

She had to be at work at 7:00.

She got there about 7:15.

The boss, Royboy, called her into his office.

"Alice, this is the third time you've been late, this month. One more screw up, and you might be seeing your pink slip."

"I'm sorry," Alice said, she wanted to tell him why she was late, but that would probably only make the situation worse.

She was usually up at 5:00 every morning, because it was a 45 minute drive to the plant, from her apartment. Lately, though, she had been going out and partying a lot with her friends, and she was getting home real late. Last night, they had been out celebrating her 40th birthday, and she had gotten extremely toasted.

She sat down in her chair, which was like a stool, but had a small back and a straight pole out of the bottom of the seat, that went almost to the floor, before four legs came out. There was a ring that went around the legs at the point where they bent down to the floor.

She began putting together the products as they came to her. As the morning progressed, she grew sleepier and sleepier. Her head began to bob, every few minutes, and Royboy noticed it. He walked over to the other two ladies who worked in the plant, Priscilla and Tina.

"If she falls asleep, I'm gonna make sure she never comes in late or sleepy again," he told them.

Finally, as Alice sat putting a product together, she could hold her eyes open no longer. Her head slumped over, and she began to doze.

When she woke up, she noticed that the assembly line had stopped. She also noticed that her hands were bound behind the back of the chair. She tried to stand up, but her feet were lashed to the feet of the chair, one each side, the ropes wrapping around the intersection of the ring and the chair-legs. This left her feet dangling almost perpendicular to the floor.

"What's going on?" She said to herself.

"We caught you sleeping," Royboy was standing behind her and had heard her asking herself the question.

"I'm sorry," she was embarrassed. "It'll never happen again. I promise."

"I know it's never going to happen again," Royboy said. "I promise."

He knelt down, and untied and removed the Reebok sneaker from her left foot.

He then did the same to the right foot, leaving both over her stocking-clad feet dangling helplessly.

"What are you gonna do," Alice asked.

"Gonna show you why you'll never fall asleep here, again," Royboy answered laughing.

He began dragging his fingers across Alice's dreadfully ticklish left foot.

She tried to pull it away, but it was held in place by the ropes.

He continued, and she started giggling.


He began dragging the fingers of his other hand across her just as ticklish right foot.

She giggled a little bit more, before bursting into laughter.


Alice struggled violently, trying to pull away. Several times she almost tipped the stool over.

Royboy motioned to Priscilla and Tina.

They came over and held the chair steady, while Royboy continued torturing Alice's helpless soles.

"Noooooohohohohohohohohoho. Staaaahahahahahahahahahop."

He began tickling her feet more aggressively and more quickly.

She was now struggling with all the strength she could muster.


Alice hated being tickled, especially on her feet.

She felt sure that those stockings were making her feet even more ticklish.

The worst part of it was that she had never been tickled before, when she couldn't pull her feet away. Now, she couldn't pull her feet away. She couldn't put a hand down to stop it. She was utterly helpless.

Priscilla and Tina began poking Alice's ribs.

Alice went wild with explosive laughter.


She was twisting and squirming, heaving and jumping, jerking and trying everything she could to get away from those probing fingers.

Finally, when she was at her wit's end, they stopped.

They untied her.

"Alice," Royboy said, "If you ever fall asleep on this job again, you'll get a double dose of that and I'll fire you."

Alice never fell asleep at work again.