Annie And Scooter

Annie And Scooter


            Annie sat at the kitchen table, at Scooter's house.  Scooter had stepped out into the garage to get something.  He had told Annie that he had a surprise for her.  Now, here she sat in his kitchen, blindfolded, and waiting for the surprise.  A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, as to what the surprise could be.  She heard him coming back in, and felt his presence as he walked up next to her.

            "Okay," Scooter said, "just come with me."

            Taking Annie by the hand, Scooter led her down the hall, into the back bedroom.  He led her over to the bed, and sat her down.

            "Now," Scooter said.  "Lay down on the bed."

            Annie just followed along, not sure what to expect.  Scooter was always full of wild ideas, though lots of times they were mischievous.  Scooter helped Annie position herself in the middle of the bed.

            "Now, give me your hand," Scooter said.

            Annie reached her right hand out, and Scooter took it.

            Earlier, before Annie's arrival, Scooter had prepared ropes on either side of the headboard, and one more rope, tied to the lower support beam, came out from under the foot of the bed, at the midway point.

            Immediately upon feeling the rope looping around her wrist, Annie's made her questioning audible.

            "Hey," she started.  "What are you doing?"

            "Just be patient," Scooter said.  "You're going to like this."

            "But, you're tying me up."

            "Don't worry," Scooter said.  "I'm not going to hurt you."

            "I'm not worried about you hurting me," Annie argued.  "I'm worried about what else you might do to me.  I know how your mind works."

            "Just take it easy," Scooter urged her.

            Annie closed her mouth, and continued to lie still, while Scooter finished tying her right arm to the headboard, and then went around to the other side, and did the same.  She opened her mouth again, when she felt him tying her ankles together.

            "Okay, now," Annie said.  "I think I'm tied up enough.  You don't need to tie my feet to."

            "Oh, but I do," Scooter said.  "That's the most important part."

            After securing Annie's feet, Scooter stepped back to admire his prize.  Annie was wearing a red crop top, a tan miniskirt, and strappy sandals with two inch heels.  Just for the record, Scooter was wearing blue-jeans, a green t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

            Now that Scooter had Annie helpless, in front of him, he decided that she needed to be a little less mobile.  Taking some remaining rope, he tied her legs together, just below the knees.

            "Alright, Scooter," Annie said.  "That's too much.  I can hardly move, now.  What fun is it going to be?"

            Annie still had no idea what Scooter actually had in store for her.  She figured he was just going to sit there and watch her struggle, trying to get free, which she immediately started.  Scooter watched for several minutes, as Annie squirmed and fidgeted, to no avail.  Scooter then opened the box that he had fetched from the garage, and removed all of the tools, contained therein.  Once he had all of the tools laid out on the bed, he walked up next to Annie's head, and removed her blindfold.

            "Surprise," Scooter exclaimed.

            It took a few seconds for Annie to focus her eyes.  Once she was focused, she saw all of the Scooter tools lying on the bed.  There was a toothbrush, paintbrushes, q-tips, yarn, and all kinds of stuff.  Annie still didn't grasp the entire situation, until she saw the feather.

            "Oh my God," Annie froze.  "No you're not!!!"

            "Oh, yes I am," Scooter replied.

            "No!  No!  No!"  Annie was scared.  She was extremely ticklish, everywhere on her body.  Now, she was lying tied to a bed, helpless to defend herself, and looking at the largest arsenal of tickling utensils she had ever seen.

            "No," she said, in a more pleading voice.  "You can't tickle me.  I'll die, for sure.  I'm way too ticklish to be able to take it."

            "Well see about that," Scooter said, with a laugh in his voice.

            Annie continued to plead with Scooter, as he sat down on the bed, and began to rub her stomach.

            "You can plead all you want to, Annie," Scooter said.  "Nothing is going to keep me from finishing what I've started."

            With that, Scooters rubbing of her stomach turned to light scratches.  Annie felt the tickling sensations surge through her body.  She tried to hold back the laughter, but she was just too ticklish.

            "Nohohohoho.  Stahahahahop it.  Ihihihihihi'm tohoohoohoo ticklihihihihihish."

            Scooter added his left hand to the mix, using all ten fingers to lightly graze Annie's stomach.  The crop top left her stomach fully exposed, for easy tickling access.  Annie was swaying her stomach from side to side, as much as her captive status would allow.  It wasn't enough, however, to keep her away from Scooter's tickling fingers.  Scooter slowly increased the intensity of his tickling, gradually adding more pressure to her stomach, while gradually increasing the speed at which his fingers were moving.

            "Aaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Staaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahop."

            Her pleas were music to Scooter's ears.  He had long wanted to hear the sound of her begging, as he tickled her helpless body.  Now, his dream was coming true.  Annie was totally helpless to defend herself, and he could tickle her as long as he wanted to.  The sudden feeling of power surged through Scooter, and it was as if he'd been zapped.  He suddenly dug deep into Annie's rib cage, with rapid squeezing motions from his fingers.

            Annie surged against the restraints, trying as best she could, to curl up and hide her unbelievably ticklish ribcage from Scooter's sadistic tickling fingers.  Scooter could barely hear the desperation in Annie's laughter.  At this point, he was totally engulfed in finding every spot of ticklishness, possessed by the power and the joy of inflicting this merciless tickle torture.


            Tears streamed down Annie's face, as Scooter only tickled harder and more rapidly.  It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The once caring, polite, sensitive Scooter had turned into a madman.  The harder Annie laughed, the faster Scooter tickled.  The more violently she struggled, the deeper he dug his fingers in.

            This went on for about fifteen minutes, to the point that Annie felt sure she was going to pass out, or have a heart attack.  Then, Scooter stopped.

            Annie continued laughing for several minutes, after Scooter stopped.  She was still trying to catch her breath. Then, Scooter grabbed a toothbrush.  Annie's eyes were wide with horror, as Scooter straddled her mid-section, and put the toothbrush against her highly sensitive tummy.  Annie's violent struggles and horrific laughter started again, as Scooter started scrubbing little circles all over Annie's stomach.  Several times, Scooter took the brush into her navel.  Annie wet herself, during this time frame, and was laughing so hard that she could scarcely breathe.  Just when Annie though it couldn't get any worse, Scooter reached over, with his free hand, and grabbed the feather.

            While Scooter used the toothbrush to scrub Annie's hyper-ticklish stomach, he started dragging the feather up and down the backs of her arms.  It was way too much for Annie's mind to comprehend, and she soon lay limp, as explosive bursts of silent laughter erupted from her body.  After few minutes, Scooter swapped spots, using the toothbrush on the backs of her arms, and the feather on her stomach.  Annie's mind was nothing but a frenzy of thousands of tickling sensations, surging in one right after the other.  Her laughter could not keep up with the tickling, and her muscles were starting to ache from the endless laughter.

            For almost twenty minutes, Scooter used the feather and toothbrush to mercilessly torture Annie's arms and stomach.  After that, he gave her a short break.

            And it was a short break.  After two minutes, Scooter stuck his hands up the sides of Annie's shirt, and started scratching her armpits.    Annie's sleeves were very short, but they did protect her armpits, slightly.  They couldn't protect them from Scooter's probing fingers, though.  Within seconds, Annie was laughing harder than she had laughed, at any point before.  Annie arched her back against the rabid tickling, trying desperately to find a way to shield her armpits from the insane ticklish sensations that were invading her helpless body.

            Annie's throat was starting to hurt form laughing so hard, and she felt sure that one of these surges was going to leave her without an arm, or something.  Annie didn't think she could laugh any harder, than she did when Scooter was scratching her underarms, but she did when they met the feather.  The lightness of the feather proved to be more than she could take, and she finally passed out.

            When she woke, Scooter was ready, waiting to start again, with the feather.  Scooter stuck the feather down her short sleeve, and slowly methodically scratched Annie's right armpit, as she laughed uncontrollably, shaking violently, and jerking again, trying to escape.  Scooter produced another feather, and started doing the same thing to her left armpit.  Annie's heart was beating rapidly, sweat covered her face, and the hair was starting to stick to her face and get in her mouth.  She didn't care, though.  She couldn't care.  She didn't have enough usage of her brain to care.  Her brain was totally engulfed in fielding and responding to the tickling sensations that tortured her helpless armpits.  The way her wrists were tied, she could not pull her arms down at all.  Her armpits were totally at Scooter's mercy. 

            Annie just thought the feather tickled.  A whole new wave of tickling insanity took over her body, when Scooter put the toothbrush to work in her left armpit.  Sure enough, Scooter had a second toothbrush, which a quickly put to work in her right armpit.  Scooter scrubbed her armpits with a fervor that Shakespeare could not have described, in all of his vast vocabulary.  The noise coming from Annie's mouth was no longer laughter; it was more like grunts, as it tickled too much for her to laugh.

            Seeing that brush was liable to make her pass out again, Scooter decided not to spend too long with it.  After about thirty minutes of armpit tickling, which included the time spend with the toothbrushes, as well as the feathers and the fingers, Scooter gave her another break.  This time, he let her rest for about five minutes, because he knew that he was going to spend a long time tickling her feet.

            Annie started shaking her head and pleading, as Scooter walked to the foot of the bed.

            "No, Scooter.  Please, don't tickle me anymore.  Please, don't tickle my feet."

            Scooter acted as if he didn't hear her, slowly untying the straps around her left ankle, unwrapping them, and sliding off the sandal.  After doing the same on her right foot, Scooter decided that her feet had too much freedom.  Taking some of the yarn, he tied her two big toes together, and pulled them back tightly, tying the loose ends to the ropes that bound her ankles.

            Annie tried to wiggle her feet, but there was very little movement allowed, and she could not scrunch her toes very well, either.

            "Oh, my God," Annie was desperate.  "Please, Scooter, don't!!!!"

            Scooter went to the bathroom, and returned with a Styrofoam cup, filled to the halfway point with water.  Annie's eyes grew wide with horror, as Scooter took two paintbrushes, dipped them each in the water, and used to start lightly stroking her helpless soles.


            Annie tried to move her feet, but she could not.  She tried to scrunch her toes, but she could not.  Her laughter started once more, as Scooter used the brushes to paint an invisible picture on the bottoms of her feet.  Annie laugh loud and hard, as Scooter moved the brushes all over her feet, underneath her toes, and in between her toes.  He used the brushes for about ten minutes, and then cut off another string of yarn.  Annie surged with violent laughter, as Scooter pulled the yarn between each of her toes, using it like dental floss.  After flossing her toes for several minutes, he used the ends of the yarn to lightly tickle the bottoms of Annie's feet, which did not cause extreme laughter, but it still tickled, nevertheless.

            As Annie lay laughing, Scooter grabbed the feathers, and started lightly scratching her soles.  He started at the heel, and then proceeded slowly up along the arch, then across the ball, and into her toes.  Then he started back down.  For several minutes, Scooter continued in that slow, methodical fashion, grinning from ear to ear, as tears of ticklish laughter streamed down Annie's face.  The pitch of Annie's laughter was gradually getting higher.  She was laughing harder and harder with each tickling stroke.  She always jerked more violently, when the feathers reached the sensitive undersides of her toes.  At one point, Scooter spent several minutes torturing the undersides of her toes, with the feather.

            After about fifteen minutes of feather tickling, Scooter put the feathers down.

            "Are you ready," Scooter asked.

            Annie shook her head, still laughing and unable to speak.

            With that, Scooter pulled out the toothbrushes, again, and started to scrub the bottoms of her feet.  Within seconds, Annie was jerking with outrageous laughter.  She went back into silent laughter, and was pulling as hard as she could, against her restraints.  She wet herself again.  She didn't care, though.  All she cared about was the time when the tickling stopped.  Her struggles soon stopped, again, and she just lay limp, laughing almost uncontrollably.  Scooter soon abandoned the brushes, and started using his fingers, to try to find every ticklish spot on her feet.  He tickled the tops and the bottoms, and listened joyfully, as Annie screamed with laughter.  Just when Annie felt sure that he was going to tickle her for eternity, Scooter stopped.

            Annie was still laughing so hard, that she didn't notice when Scooter untied her wrists, knees, and ankles.  Scooter left the room, for a few minutes, and when he came back, Annie was lying on the bed, fast asleep, her body still having little spasms, from the tickling she had just endured.  Scooter though to himself, how easy it would be to tie her back up, and give her another dose when she wakes up........