Operation T.V.T.

(Transvestite Tickling)

Charli Lafeet, as he liked to be called, sat in his room, applying makeup to his face. Charli had been a cross dresser for quite some time, but being in the Navy, he had to conceal it. He had chosen the name Charlene, Charli for short, because he felt that it fit him best.

Charli was stationed in Angeles City, Philippines, and on this particular night, he was staying at the Oasis Inn, and planned go to "Images", a bar where secretly gay servicemen, as well as gay local nationals went to meet and hang out. Charli had been there on several occasions, and often left with someone. The "biniboys", as transvestites are often called in the Philippines, who worked their as dancers and waitresses were rather pissed of about it, though, because Charli was stealing their business (bargirls could be taken out for 300 pesos).

Charli finished applying his makeup, and looked into the long mirror of his room. The room belonged to him and him alone, so he had a lot of freedom, as far as cross-dressing without getting caught. Charli like his 5'9", 142 lb. frame. He had auburn hair, hazel eyes, and long shapely legs with cute ankles. Lots of men found his legs to be very attractive. He had light skin, and kept it shaven regularly. His feet, though, were his prize possession. The high arches and long toes had often teased the others in the barracks. The fact that he kept them pedicured (pedicures were cheap in the Philippines) made them even harder to resist. On top of it all (or bottom), were his soles. They were a smooth pink, and they wrinkled all over when he curled his toes. They were also very ticklish, as some of the men had discovered.

Charli was wearing a babydoll nightie, a garter, a gold anklet, and pumps with 4-inch spiked heels. He had put his make-up on very thick and slutty. He was wearing fire-engine red toenail polish and was sure to attention, everywhere he went.

Just then, his door swung open, and there stood Lieutenant Chris Thomas.

"I thought something strange was going on with you," he said.

"What are you doing? Don't you knock?" Charli asked.

He walked in, and behind him came Petty Officer Herbert.

Petty Officer Herbert's jaw dropped wide open.

"Holy shit."

"Herbert," Lt. Thomas said, "Go get Sergeant Baggat."

P.O. Herbert left.

"I though it was you I saw, the other night," Lt. Thomas said accusingly.

"I-I-I can explain, sir," Charli was embarrassed. He had never been caught before.

"No explanation," he said.

Lt. Thomas stood shaking his head for a few minutes, until P.O. Herbert returned with Sgt. Baggat.

"Well, I'll be damned," Sgt. Baggat said.

"What?" Charli asked. "Is this the first time you've ever seen a cross-dresser?"

"No, but it's the first time I've ever seen one that I know," Sgt. Baggat replied.

"What are you going to do?" Charli asked. "What's the punishment for this?"

Sgt. Baggat's eyes met Lt. Thomas' eyes, and smile quickly spread across both men's faces.

"Oh, I don't know if the Navy would punish you, but we might," Lt. Thomas was hatching a plan in his mind.

"What are you talking about?" Charli was getting scared. All three of these men were larger then he.

"Herbert," Lt. Thomas said, "Go get the rope out of my toolbox."

"Rope?" Charli said. "What do you need rope for?"

"We're gonna show what we like to do to transvestites," Sgt. Baggat said, grabbing Charli by the shoulders and throwing him down onto the hotel bed, face first. P.O. Herbert came back with the rope, and helped Sgt. Baggat hold Charli down, while Lt. Thomas tied him into a tight hog-tie, with his forearms tied together to make for the least possible movement of his hands.

"You know," Herbert said. "I remember when he used to flash those pretty little feet of his around the barracks. All neat, clean, and shiny. I think we need to see if those feet of his are ticklish."

"No," Charli said. "Please don't do that."

"What's a matter Charli?" Baggat asked. "Ticklish, are you?"

"Please don't," Charli begged.

"Be a man, boy," Lt. Thomas thundered. "Or a woman, or a girl, or whatever you are."

Sgt. Baggat removed Charli's high-heel pumps, revealing Charli's very tender, "girl's feet".

"I see what you men, Herbert," Lt. Thomas said.

Herbert began dragging his fingers up and down Charli's feet. Charli held it in for a few seconds, but before long he started giggling and then his laughter gradually increased in intensity, until he was laughing hysterically.

"Hey, this is kinda fun," Sgt. Baggat said. "Let me try."

He then started tickling Charli's feet. Soon all three of them had a hand on Charli's helpless, ticklish feet, and were covering every possible spot, sending Charli into spasms of explosive ticklish laughter. It was unbearable. Between the tickling, and lying on his stomach, Charli could scarcely breath, let alone catch his breath.

Sgt. Baggat began testing other areas, like the ribs, stomach, pelvis, knees, and legs, and soon discovered that Charli was ticklish everywhere. After a few minutes, all three men were exploring all over Charli's body. Charli was laughing so hard that his throat and lungs were starting to hurt.

After enjoying themselves for about thirty minutes, they stopped.

"Let's take him over to Deke's," Sgt. Baggat suggested.

"Good idea," Lt. Thomas said.

Herbert went outside and got the jeep. They very discreetly carried Charli outside, and loaded him into the jeep, and off they went.

There was a party going on at Lt. Deke Haskin's house. Deke had his own off-base house near Manila. At the party were lots of servicemen, including a few of the people who had been in the barracks with Charli. Charli knew that all those he recognized were gay, so he assumed everybody else was, too.

Charli was still hog-tied as they carried him over to the back of the party room. Most of the people noticed Charli being carried in, and were curious as to what was going on.

They sat Charli on a footstool, up against a support beam, and tied his hands together, over his head, and tied the rope to an angle beam, going out from the main beam. To restrict movement, the also tied his elbows and forearms together, and tied them to the beam he was sitting against. They then tied Charli's knees and ankles together tightly, and holding them up, slid them in between the legs of a tall barstool. His knees were then tied to the legs on one side of the barstool, and his ankles were secured to the legs on the other side of the barstool. As a further measure of restriction, they tied his big toes together, and fastened them to the barstool's horizontal support leg above his ankles. Lt. Thomas then put a ball gag in his mouth, and blindfolded him.

Deke who had seen the whole affair taking place, walked over.

"Just one more thing, you guys," he said.

"What's that?" Herbert asked.

Deke went over behind the bar and produced a hammer and nails. With those, he proceeded to nail the feet of the barstool the floor, using eight nails for guaranteed security. Baggat then produced a sign that he had made back at the hotel. It said:


Next to where Charli was tied up, was a table. Charli couldn't see, but on the table there were feathers, paintbrushes, scrub brushes, electric toothbrushes, Q-tips, yarn, wooden spoons, felt-tip pens, markers, spike pin-wheels, sharpened sticks, and many more instruments of foot torture. Charli was soon to be experience the most torturesome tickling he had ever experienced.

But first, Sgt. Baggat dumped a bag of itching powder all over Charli, and told the men to wait about ten minutes. Meanwhile, the itch powder took it's effect on Charli, and he was struggling violently trying to scratch himself.

A crowd of servicemen gathered around, excited about the activity they were about to partake in. Some grabbed things off of the table, others just used their fingers, but within a 30 seconds, there were 14 men tickling Charli all over his body. One man had an electric toothbrush and was using it to provide a cleaning to Charli's stomach. Another was at his using his left foot for a painting canvas. Three people had feathers and were positioned at various places, torturing his underarms and feet. Another had a marker and was drawing Navy symbols on his ribs. One man had taken the yarn, and was flossing Charli's toes (Charli felt this more than anything else). The rest didn't need equipment. Three were running their fingers up and down Charli's helpless soles every chance they got. They watched as Charli tried to curl his toes, in an attempt to ease the torture, but the rope holding his toes in place prevented much curling. Rugges, a man from Charli's barracks, was using his tongue to probe every spot he could find (his favorite spot was Charli's armpits, and every time he hit the armpits, Charli would scream in an extremely high pitch.) They rest were using their fingers to hit every spot they could find.

The people would take turns, and at one point there was as many as 18 people tickling Charli at one time. At least one of each tool were in use at the same time, at several instances. The worst of it was that Charli could not see where they next attack was coming from, and the itch powder had worn out his nerves, and made him more ticklish than he had ever been before.

The sheer torture of being tickled by so many people at the same time was the harshest, cruelest torture imaginable. Charli was laughing so hard, that he a few times he almost inhaled his tongue trying to suck in enough air to atleast partially compensate for the outrageous amount that he was exhaling. After about 12 minutes at the mercy of 14+ people, Charli passed out.

He awoke to find just as many there waiting to start again. For about two hours, Charli went in and out of consciousness, being tickled mercilessly every time he awoke.

Before he passed out, the last time, Lt. Thomas had a word with him,

"Listen, Charli. If you want your secret to remain a secret, your gonna have to dress up for us once a month, and let us tie you up and tickle you until we're satisfied. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," Charli whispered, lacking the strength to speak. "I understand."

After that, 25 men jumped in each using both hands. Charli laughed every last ounce of strength away as 250 fingers found their marks on his helpless body. He endured for five more minutes, before passing out again.

Charli was out for almost two hours, and when he awoke, he quickly realized that he was still tied, but he was somewhere else. The blindfold had been removed, but he was still gagged. He lay on what felt like some kind of table, his feet each tied to a corner, and his hands each tied to a corner. His hands were tied, strangely, though. They had each been pulled over his head, and tied to the opposite corner, stretching his armpits to the fullest. His shoes had been put back on.

He was trying to figure out where he was, when the door opened, and four girls walked in. Only, they weren't girls. They were transvestites. They were "biniboys". They were the "biniboys" who worked at Images.

"How the hell did I get here?" Charli asked.

"You're friends dropped you off," one said.

"You know," another spoke up. "You've been stealing out business for quite some time, now. We're not to happy about it."

"You're friends told us that you had a certain weakness that we needed to help you with," the third one said.

"No, no, don't. Please don't. I'll pay you, just don't, please," Charli pleaded with them.

They paid no attention, and after removing his pumps again, proceeded to tickle Charli so intensely that he broke one of the ropes that secured him, and they had to tie him down again.

They were expert ticklers, and they tickled Charli with such intensity, that he actually wished he was still at the party, being tickle tortured.

"Don't worry," the first one spoke again. "This won't last forever, it will only seem like it."

"Yeah, we'll let you go at the end of the weekend," the fourth said.

"At the end of the weekend?" Charli screamed, as they jumped back in where they left off.

It was a long, long weekend, for Charli, but it did end, and they did let him go. True to his word, however, Charli dressed up for Lt. Thomas, Sgt. Baggat, and P.O. Herbert once a month, and they usually tickled tortured him for about three hours each session, always using itching powder to soften him up.