Christmas Tickle

Melissa was a pretty woman of 29 years. She had a great husband named Drake, who was 32, and three wonderful children. Her oldest was Mike, 10. Next in line was Paul, 8, and then Annie, 6.

It was Christmas day at Drake and Melissa's house, and the kids were in their room at 5:00 a.m., ready to see what kinds of goodies Santa Claus had brought. Melissa was really feeling the Christmas spirit as she went into her closet. She had the Sexy Santa Claus costume she had worn at Halloween, and decided it was a good time to wear it gain. A red velvet miniskirt, white turtle-neck, and a red and white Santa Claus jacket. This with a pair of white tights and knee-high, black suede boots made quite a sexy number.

After dressing, she went into the bathroom and put on a little bit of make-up, before she went into the living room, where Jake and the children were waiting.

In the living room, there were lots of toys and goodies for all three children. A few gifts in particular, were extremely well accepted. Mike and Paul were both infatuated with the policeman set they had gotten. Each set included real, steel handcuffs, a plastic belt, with pouches and a holster for a .44 caliber cap gun, plastic club, and a badge. Annie was most thrilled about her Little Granny's Knitting Kit, a kit that taught young girls how to knit, and her plastic fingernails kit.

Melissa felt so happy, watching her kids playing with their new toys. She laughed as Drake played with them. He had much more imagination than she did.

After all of the gift opening and sharing was over, Melissa went back to her bedroom and plopped down on the bed. She was so sleepy, after waking up at 5:00 a.m., that she dozed off, almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She woke a few minutes later, to the sound of clicks.

When she came to her senses, she looked around her to find that Mike and Paul had cuffed her hands to the headboard, one on each side. At her feet, Annie, using the yarn from her knitting kit, had bound Melissa's feet together, and tied them securely to the frame underneath the bed.

Melissa wiggled and squirmed trying to free herself from her bondage. The handcuffs were certainly not going to give, and she did not know enough about them to realize that, being children's handcuffs, they had little switches on the bottom, that would open the handcuffs. Annie had also done an excellent job of tying her feet, having also been smart enough to take the black boots off first.

"Okay," Melissa smiled at them. "You got me. Now let Mommy go."

"No way," Mike said. "It's time for your Christmas present Mom."

"My Christmas present," her heart warmed. "What is it?"

"We can't tell you, yet, but it will make you laugh," Annie said.

Melissa wondered to herself what they had for her that would make her laugh.

She found out quickly, as Paul leaned over her, and began grabbing her ribs.

"Whoahohohoho, Paul. Don't do that, honey. Mommy's not ticklish."

She was lying, but she hoped they'd believe her.

"I think you are," Paul said. "I've seen you laugh when daddy was tickling you."

"Well, that's different, honey," she said.

Paul acted as though he didn't hear her, and continued teasing her ribs.

Melissa knew that she couldn't hold her laughter in much longer.

Annie started running her plastic fingernails along Melissa's feet. This did it for Melissa.

"Heeeeeheeeeheeeheeeheee. Haaaahaaahaahaahaahahahahahaha."

She began twisting and jerking, trying to free herself, but she wasn't going to break the handcuffs, and the yarn was wound atleast six threads thick around her ankles and around the frame.

"Ohhhhhhohohohohahahahahahahahaha. Pleeeeeeheeheehease stahop."

Mike started tickling her knees, digging his fingers in right above the kneecaps.

"This is my horse, eating corn," Mike said laughing.

Melissa felt the ticklish sensations going up and down her body, as she squealed and giggled trying to free herself.

Just then, Drake walked into the room.

"Drake!" She screamed. "Help me!"

The kids stopped.

"Now kids, you know what happens when I catch you tickling Mommy, don't you," Drake said.

"No, daddy. What?" Annie asked.

A sly grin came across Drake's face.

"I get to tickle her, too."

Melissa's eyes widened.


Drake dropped down at Melissa's feet, and began tickling the left foot, letting Annie tickle the right. Melissa sat there screaming in laughter, watching as her feet in white tights were tickle tortured by her husband and daughter. Then Mike and Paul started up again.

This was agony, she thought to herself.

She was laughing so hard, now, that she could scarcely breath.


Drake stood up.

"Okay, you guys, she's had enough."

He reached up, and opened handcuffs, using the little switch.

Melissa watched as he opened the cuffs on her right hand.

"So that's all I would have had to do to get out?"

She felt stupid.

Annie slowly and carefully untied Melissa's feet.

Melissa had red chafe marks where the cuffs had been, but they would go away soon enough.

"How'd you like your Christmas present, Mommy," Paul asked.

"Well, Annie was right about one thing," Melissa smiled.

"What's that?" Annie asked.

"It did make me laugh."