Courteney Cox In The Stocks

Courteney Cox was on her way over to home of this new friend of her, named James. It was supposed to be a chance to meet his sister, who supposedly shared a lot of the same interests as Courteney. She had been in a hurry, so she was not dressed very well. She had on cut-off jeans, a blue T-shirt, and a pair of white Keds.

When she arrived, she noticed that the place had a long driveway, and was surrounded by lots of trees. She was captivated by its serenity, and imagined how quiet it must be.

A ring of the doorbell, and James was there shortly. He invited Courteney in, and sat her down in the kitchen. His sister came in, and he introduced them.

"Courteney, this is Amanda. Amanda, Courteney."

"It's so nice to finally meet you," Courteney said. "Your brother has told me so much about you."

"I've heard a lot about you, too," Amanda said.

"Well, everybody, let's sit down, have some soda, and chat," James said.

Courteney and Amanda sat at the table talking, while James prepared the drinks.

As James was preparing the drinks, he slipped some sleeping drugs into Courteney's glass.

He served the drinks, and they talked about various interests.

One thing that Courteney was noticing, was that Amanda and her were nothing alike. She wondered what had ever given James the idea that they were.

Courteney began to feel weary and her eyelids were heavy.

Amanda went to freshen up, and while James was cleaning up, she went into the living room and laid down on the couch. She was soon fast asleep.

When she woke up, she quickly realized that she was not on the couch, where she had fallen asleep. She was seated in some strange contraption. It was a set of stocks. Her feet had been locked into a wooden frame at the end of the contraption. The holes through which her feet had been locked were lined with leather padding. Her knees were each tied down with leather string, to the bar that went from the foot to the head of the contraption. Her thighs were also strapped in snugly, with a leather strap of some sort. Her hands were fastened straight above her head in a set of leather cuffs, while her elbows were tied with leather string, to the vertical bar that went up behind her back.

She pulled at her restraints, trying to pull herself loose, but the restraints were strong and tight. She was going nowhere.

Then James and Amanda came walking into the room.

"Come on, ya'll. You gotta let me out of here," she said. "I've got a meeting tonight."

"We'll let you out," James said, "when we're finished."

"Finished?" Courteney said, with a quiver of fear in her voice. "What are you going to do to me."

"Well, Courteney," Amanda spoke, "I've watched you on T.V., and I've always wondered if you could stand up to my test."

"What test?" Courteney cried. "What are going to do? What you need to do is let me go right now. Otherwise, when I get out of here, you're gonna be sorry."

"My, my, my," Amanda taunted her. "You sure are pushy, for someone who's helpless."

The words struck Courteney like a rock. It had never fully settled over her until this point. She was helpless. She was at their mercy. They could do all they wanted to, and unless a miracle happened, they didn't have to let her go, until they wanted to.

"What do you want? Whatever it is, this is no way to go about getting it."

"With my methods," Amanda said, "if I wanted to, I could get whatever I wanted from you."

"You think so, huh?" Courteney was extremely frightened, but she hoped that they didn't see it.

"Yes, I do." Amanda was sure of herself.

Amanda reached out and pulled up Courteney's shirt, until it was up over her head. She then wedged the shirt into a piece of the wood, so that it would stay up.

"Whaddya wanna do, look at my tits?" Courteney asked. "Are you queer, or something?"

Amanda began dragging her fingers down Courteney's sides.

Courteney tried to lean away from it, but she was held in place by the restraints. She let out a faint giggle, and then another.

Amanda began to move a little faster.

Courteney started giggling some more. Before long, she couldn't hold it in, and bursted out into wild laughter.

"Aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha. Heeheeheeheeheehee. Stohohop it."

Amanda walked around behind her, and put one hand to work on each side.

Courteney was laughing and struggling, trying to evade those experienced tickling fingers.

"Nooohohohohohoo. Pleeheeheeheease. stohohohohop."

Amanda dug her fingers in to Courteney's ribs, and Courteney let out a high pitched shriek, and then began laughing much louder and more violently than before.

"Aaaaaaahahahahahahaaahaaahaaahaaahaaa. Nohohohohohohohohoho."

She was squirming and screaming, screaming and squirming.

There was no escape from the probing of those long fingernails.

Amanda moved up into Courteney's armpits, wiggling her fingers and dragging her nails in and out, back and forth.

Courteney was laughing insanely, and uncontrollably, now. She was trying hard to breathe, but she could barely get any air in, before she blew it all back out, as Amanda hit another extremely ticklish spot.

Amanda continued tickling around Courteney's ribs and armpits, as Courteney violently laugh and struggled. Just as Courteney was about to lose conciousness, Amanda stopped.

Amanda gave Courteney a minute or two to catch her breath.

After a minute, Amanda looked at James.

"Okay, you're turn."

James smiled, and walked to the foot of the contraption, where Courteney's feet stuck helplessly out of the stocks.

He began untying her left shoe.

By now, Courteney had caught her breath and she started pleading.

"No, please. Amanda was right. Her methods worked. I'll give you anything."

"Oh, I don't want anything," James said, "except to hear you laugh when I tickle these gorgeous feet. I've always wanted to tickle them."

"Nooooooo," Courteney whined.

James removed the left shoe, and then began untying the right. When he had removed them both, he began wiggling his fingers, about a half-inch away from Courteney's feet.

She could feel it coming, and shrieked before he even touched her.


He began dragging his rough fingers along the her helpless soles. He was very slow, and very exact. He came up, and down, up and down. He kept the same rythm, going over virtually the same spots for about five minutes. Meanwhile, Courteney was screaming, laughing, and begging him to stop.

"Aaaahahahahahahahahahahaha. Pleeheeheeheease Stahahahahop."

After about five minutes of the monotonous stroking, he used his right hand to pull back the toes on her left foot, and began digging into her toes.

She leaped against her restraints, in explosive laughter.

"Heeeeheeheeheeheehee. Ahhhhahahahahahahahahaha."

He did a little on the left foot, then went to the right. He switched back and forth, two or three times. After that, he got a feather and began to lightly caress her soles with it.

She was struggling violently trying to get free.

He then began dragging the feather up and down her legs.

She then went into spasmodic laughter, when Amanda reassumed her position on the ribs.

Together, James and Amanda, then lit into her full force, tickling ever part of her body they could reach, without taking off her shorts. They tickled her until she felt that she was within an inch of her life. She had already urinated on herself. At this point, she passed out.

When she awakened, she was in a bed, in their guest house. They left her a note, that said they'd had to go out, but they hoped to see her later.

"Not likely," she muttered to herself.

She left, and to this day, she has never seen James or Amanda again.