Hilary Meets The Tickle King


            Hillary Duff knew only that it must have been three or four men that grabbed her from behind, because all attempts at escape had been futile.  She now lay on a table, with her arms stretched tightly beyond her head, and her wrists fastened in a set of cuffs at the top of the table.  Another strap held her elbows together, and fastened them to the table.  Her feet were spread about two feet apart at the bottom of the table, and each was held in place by a separate strap.  A strap around each of her knees, and one around her waist, rendered her almost completely immobile.  She had also been blindfolded, so that she could not see what terrific torture was about to befall her.

            The Tickle King stood eyeing her ticklish body.  She was wearing a sleeveless top, with blue jeans, and a pair of black Converse All-Star tennis shoes.

            The Tickle King meandered slowly over to the table, and prepared to take full advantage of Hilary’s helpless predicament.  He looked down at the squirming Hilary, and began slowly unlacing her right shoe.  Hilary started screaming and cussing and questioning him, so he decided that would have to stop.  He put his finger up to her lips, causing, and she closed her mouth, for fear that he was going to put something in it.  The instant her mouth was closed, has slapped a handy piece of duct tape across it.  He then put a few more strips around it to hold it more firmly in place.

            Once he had her securely gagged, the Tickle King continued untying her shoe, enjoying the sound of her muffled pleas.  Once the shoe was untied, he removed it, very slowly, to build her anticipation.  After removing the shoe, he waited a few minutes, before he started untying the left shoe.  He removed the left shoe, and look excitedly at her helpless feet.  They were pale almost white, with dark red toenail polish.  He gave a quick flick of his fingers across her left sole, and watched as she jerked her foot.

            He waited a few more seconds, and then started slowly dragging his fingers up and down the arch of her right foot.  Hilary’s squirming increased as she tried to escape his tickling fingers.  The straps, however, held her firmly in place.  Soon, he heard muffled giggles coming from the gag.  He knew he was doing well.  He pulled back her toes, and began digging in between them.  Hilary began struggling more violently, so he knew that he was finding the right spots.

            The long mmphs into the gag fuel the Tickle King’s desire to tickle harder, and faster.  He let go of her toes, and used that hand to start tickling her left foot.  He tickled feverishly, as Hilary jerked against her restraints.  He moved methodically up and down from her toes to her heels, wiggling all his fingers all over every possible spot along the way.  Time to time, he would use both hands on a foot, tickling the top and the bottom at the same time, or holding back her toes, so that he could dig in to that highly sensitive area.

            He pulled a toothbrush out of his pocket, and went to work with it.  This sent Hilary into a new state of hysteria.  Her face was red.  She was sweating, and her blindfold was wet with the tears of laughter she had been crying.

            The Tickle King drove relentlessly on, making sure to leave know spot of skin un-tickled.  He used a shoe-string to pull between her toes, like dental floss.  He liked the reaction that this brought, so he continued it for several minutes, flossing her toes like they were a set of teeth that need flossing, badly.

            After several minutes of toe flossing, he reverted to the toothbrush, and continued torturing her soles.  He then took the toothbrush to the tops of her feet.  This brought another pleasing reaction.  Tickle King was coming to realize, that there was not a spot on Hilary’s feet that was not deathly ticklish.

            At this point, the Tickle King had been torturing Hilary Duff’s feet for close to forty-five minutes.  He could tell she was on the verge of losing consciousness, so he decided it was time to bring this tickle session to a close.  He spent about five more minutes with the toothbrush, making sure to hit every spot at least a few more times.  He then left her to rest, and gain her composure, before he would divert his attention to her upper body.  …To be continued…(the next episode of Hilary Meets The Tickle King will be posted soon – don’t miss it!)