Jo Dee In The Jungle

Jo Dee sat on stump, just outside the campsite that morning, looking through the trees at the wild jungle that lay before her. This was the third day of the safari in Zaire (also known as The Congo), and already, she was ready for it to be over. It wasn't that she wasn't enjoying the jungle, but she was with a bunch of "know-it-all" men, who wanted to show her how to do everything. This wasn't the first safari she'd been on. It was most of the others' first. There was one man who had been on several, and he was the guide. His name was Gerald. There was one other woman, named Lyssa. Jo Dee was the only "celebrity" on the safari, so she was always getting asked a bunch of questions, or being flirted with by one of the men.

Finally, the next days journey was underway. They began walking through the jungle, again, following a path that had been cleared by many years of other people following the same route. Jo Dee watched as wild animals disappeared when they were near, and then reappeared when they were far enough off not to bother.

Gus, one of the "macho" men, walked up beside her.

"You better watch yourself," he said. "I hear there's a tribe nearby, that likes to capture and torture people that they consider trespassers."

"I can take care of myself," Jo Dee said. "You just stick to watching your own ass. If I catch you watching mine again, I'll deck you." And she meant it, too. She had already hit Barry, another "macho" man, when he smacked her butt, saying there was a bug on it. She hit him so hard, that he nearly lost his footing and fell into the creek they were following.

They came upon the Lomami River.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Gerald said in his French accent, "at this point we are 600 miles from Kinshasha."

Kinshasha was the capital, and the last real civilization they had seen, before starting the safari. They turned and followed the river, almost directly north. They had gone about thirty yards, when they heard yells coming from behind them. It was the hunters from a local tribe. They had apparently stumbled into the tribes hunting grounds.

Everyone took off running. It took Jo Dee a minute to figure out what was going on, but soon she was running and had caught up with the rest of them. She was just about to pass Gus, when he tripped and fell. As he brought his arms out to catch himself, he tripped Jo Dee, and she fell hitting her head as she hit the ground. Everybody else was running away, but Jo Dee was out cold.

When Jo Dee came to, she was staring straight into the blazing sun, but she could see dark clouds looming in the distance. Her face was drenched with sweat, but as she went to wipe it off, she noticed realized that she could not move her arms. She had been staked out, in the shape of an X, her arms and legs pulled so tightly, that she was afraid the slightest wrong move might pull them out of socket. She had also been stripped to her panties and bra. She lay there in the hot sun in the middle of what appeared to be a tribal village. She saw women and children roaming around, about the everyday chores.

The clouds were moving in, and Jo Dee was sure that it would rain, soon. She attempted at freeing herself, but she was tied with strong jungle reeds, the kind like one would see Tarzan swinging on. The stakes had also been hammered very deep, and her wrists and ankles were tied very securely.

After a few minutes of struggling, she gave up. They were probably watching her in amusement, right now. She wondered if any of them had ever seen a white person, or a person with auburn hair.

The rain started. It rained for probably ten minutes, before the cloud rolled away, and the sun came out bright, again. Jo Dee was thankful for the rain, because it had cooled her off immensely.

Later, that night, when it was dark, the people started coming out and sitting around her in a circle. It was almost as if they were preparing for a public gathering, or a speaker, or something. After what seemed like the entire town was seated in a circle around her, she saw four men come into the middle of the circle. One of them was very old, and was probably the chief. The other three were considerable younger, and were probably warriors or hunters.

The spoke in a gibberish that Jo Dee figured was the tribal language, and what he said got loud agreements and joy from the congregation. He then turned and pointed at her, muttering some more gibberish. The people began cheering and making a great fuss. Jo Dee was worried. Were they going to burn her, or cut her into pieces, or maybe drop a bunch of flesh eating bugs on her. She began trying to break free again.

The other three men surrounded her, one on either side, and one at her feet. She noticed how long, and grotesque looking their fingernails were. The chief spoke to them, and the one on her left side knelt down, and began dragging his long fingernails up and down both of her sides.

"Oh, no," she said out loud. "Don't do that."

Not that it would have been any use to say it anyway, but they couldn't understand her.

They man continued up and down her sides with his fingernails, following the same lines every time. Jo Dee strained and the restraints, and tried to hold in laughter. That's what they wanted her to do, she thought. If she laughed, they would sense the weakness, and be proud of themselves. She held it in for almost a minute, but at that point she could hold it in no longer. She began to let out little giggles.


The man continued in the same way, hitting the same places, without wavering. Jo Dee was soon laughing very hard, and jerking against the reeds that held her to the stakes.


It was pure torture. She thought about what Gus had said, and then remembered that it was his fall that cause her to trip. She felt angry at him for that, but she soon forgot about it, as the man upped the speed and intensity of his tickling.


He had begun to and torture her underarms for a few seconds, between each up and down succession. Every time he hit her underarms, she squealed a little louder and more violently than before. Soon, he forgot about her sides, and worked strictly with her armpits.


He had been tickling her for about twenty minutes, when the chief spoke to him, and he stopped, and stood back up. The chief spoke again, and the man on her right side knelt down, and began digging his fingernails in and out of her ribs. She exploded into intensified laughter.


The man went dug his fingernails in between each rib, and would then go down and dig in around her pelvis. Jo Dee's pelvis was also very ticklish. She was laughing so hard now, that she was having trouble breathing. The fingernails were causing ticklish sensations that she had never before felt. She was heaving with roaring laughter, and gasping for breath.

The people sat watching and cheering, in amusement at the rare treat that they beheld. That was the customary punishment for people that they caught on their hunting grounds. The chief had already notified the nearest authorities, but it would be tomorrow before they arrived. In the meantime, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do, with the prisoner, as long as it caused no severe pain. In the past five years, they had been capturing people more often, due to the increasing popularity in safari trips. Just this past year alone, they had tickle tortured nine people, six women and three men. The women were normally easier to catch. The couldn't run as fast, and tripped more often. The other five in Jo Dee's safari had managed to escape, but they were glad to have this chance with Jo Dee. A couple of the younger ones, who had been to the city a lot, had heard of her, and she was by far the best looking captive they had ever had the privilege of hosting.

Jo Dee was going hysterical with wild, ticklish laughter. The second man was giving her ribs a complete investigation, and she was completely helpless to objection.


After about thirty-five minutes of rib and pelvis tickling, the chief spoke again, and the man stood back up. The chief spoke again, and the third man knelt down, between her legs, and began dragging his long fingernails up and down her legs. He went up and down the inside, and then to the outside, and then to the top. Jo Dee had never been ticklish on her legs, before, but she was now. It may have been because she had been tickled so much already, or it may have been his long nails, but whatever it was, she was laughing outrageously, within a matter of seconds.


He would occasionally stop and draw circles around her kneecaps, with his index finger, and this would nearly drive Jo Dee into insanity. He didn't concentrate on her legs for a very long time. He switched to her feet in transition, by tickling the tops of her feet for a while, before coming around to the bottoms of her feet.

The long nails on her feet produced a ticklish sensation, unlike any feeling she had ever felt before, anywhere. She lurched against the restraints. letting out an earsplitting scream of unearthly laughter.


He dragged his nails up and down her soles, hitting every spot with great vigor and excitement. He held her toes back, he dragged his nails along the her sensitive toes, dipping into the cracks and causing her to almost pull her legs out of socket, trying to pull away.

He switched back and forth from foot to foot, for almost thirty minutes, before the chief spoke, and the man stopped, and stood up.

The man talked to the people for a few minutes, and it gave Jo Dee a few minutes to catch her breath. The chief then turned and spoke again, and all three men knelt at the same time.

"OHHHHHHHHHNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Jo Dee screamed, as the leaned towards her. She knew what was about to happen.