Jamie O'Neal and Montgomery Gentry

Jamie O'Neal was fresh off of her latest number one single, "When I Think About Angels." She was very excited about all that had been happening during the last year. That was her second number one single, the first being "There Is No Arizona."

She had been invited to Montgomery Gentry's house to celebrate the release of there new album, "Carrying On", and the success of their first single, "She Couldn't Change Me." "She Couldn't Change Me" had peaked at number two, being kept out of number one by Jamie O'Neal's "When I Think About Angels."

The party was at 9:00, but Jamie didn't get there until almost ten. She was late getting home, and had to change clothes. She had changed into a multi-colored sleeveless sweater, a short leather skirt, and a pair of knee-high suede boots.

When she arrived at the party, which was at Troy Gentry's house, Eddie Montgomery and Troy showed her all around the place. She then decided it was time that she hit the bar, and see what was going on in the great room. She went to the bar and got a Fuzzy Navel, and then proceeded into the great room, where lots of celebrities, from television and radio were mingling. There was Billy Ray Cyrus, Jo Dee Messina, Dan Marino, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and many other well known personalities at the party. The place was very alive.

As the night went on, Jamie had a couple more Fuzzy Navels, and grew sleepy. She asked Troy if there was somewhere that she could lay down, and he showed her to a guest room.

She laid down on the bed, and it didn't take long before she was in a deep sleep. When she woke up, it was still dark outside. She went to wipe her eyes, but her hand was being held back. Each of her hands had been tied to a post at either corner at the head of the bed.

"Hey, Troy. Hey, Eddie. What's goin' on? Where's everybody at?"

The party had ended hours earlier, and everyone was gone except for Troy and Eddie.

They walked into the room with big smiles on their faces.

"So, little angel finally woke up, did she?" Eddie had a sly grin on his face.

"Come on, guys. Untie me. I've got to get home."

"Untie you?" Troy laughed. "You're not gettin' off that easy."

"What are you talkin' about?"

"I had the bartender put a little something in your last drink," Troy said, "that would make you go to sleep."

"Why am I tied up?"

"Because," Eddie explained, "You're little song kept our little song out of number one. Now this is just a little payback."

"Oh, so you're just gonna leave me here tied to the bed for a while, huh? That's my payback for keeping your song out of number one. You guys are pathetic."

"Who said anything about just leaving you here for a while?" Troy laughed. "Eddie, hold her legs."

Jamie started to kick, but it was too late. Eddie Montgomery's hands and massive strength held Jamie's legs down at the knees. Troy then slowly began unzipping her left boot. When it was unzipped, he pulled it off. After taking the boot off, he pulled another strand of rope from below the bed. It was tied to the bed post nearest her left foot. He proceeded to tie her left foot with the rope, pulling it until there was no slack. He then went on to slowly unzip the boot on her right foot. After getting that boot off, he did the same thing as he did to the left foot, tying it to the nearest post, and making sure that she had no lee-way with which to move her feet around.

"Now," Troy said, "It's payback time."

"What are you going to do?" She asked him. She was not scared, but she didn't like where it was going. She'd always heard that Eddie and Troy were excellent pranksters, but she had no idea what they might do to her.

Then Troy began wiggling his fingers against the soles of her left foot.

She tried to jerk away, but the rope held her foot in place.

Meanwhile, Eddie straddling her at the waist, and he lifted up her shirt. He began to slide his fingers up and down her sides. She had barely been able to hold back the laughter when Troy was tickling her foot, but now, there was no way she could hold it.

She shrieked.

"AAAAAAHahahahahahahaha. Dohohon't dohoohoohoo thihihihis. Ahahahahahahah."

She was struggling trying to pull her hands free. She was trying to pull her feet free. All she wanted was to be able to curl up a little, hoping that might ease how much their attack was tickling. The ropes were tied well, however, and all she could do was lay there and squeal, scream, and laugh.

"Ohhhhhhh nohohonohohonohoho. Ahhhhahahahahahahahahaaaaaa."

Troy was now going full force on each foot on at a time. He'd spend about a minute on each foot. Eddie was going from her pelvis all the way up to her armpits. He'd dig in around her pelvis, and this caused the greatest laughter. That seemed to be her most ticklish spot. Eddie would then dig his fingers into her ribs, before going to wiggling his fingers into her armpits, and up her arms.

She could tell that they were enjoying themselves, and in spite of her agony, she couldn't help but be impressed at their creativity. She also liked the idea of those two well built, handsome men paying her so much attention. She was married, but even married women like attention. She wished that if was a little different kind of attention.

Troy continued torturing Jamie's helpless soles, but from time to time would venture up her legs and dig his fingers in around her knees. She was ticklish everywhere. He was loving it.

Finally, they stopped, and allowed her to catch her breath.

When she had finally caught her breath, Eddie spoke to Troy.

"You know?" Eddie said. "I wonder if she's 'thinkin' about angels' right now."

"I doubt it," Troy remarked.

"You know somethin' else?" Eddie said. "I don't really like that new song 'Shiver', either."

"You wanna see her 'shiver'?" Troy asked.

They both turned and gave her a devilish look

"Oh, no!" She screamed, right before they lit in again.