Kat's Birthday Slumber Party


Kat's Birthday Slumber Party


            It was October 28, Kat’s birthday.  She sat on the bed, looking at her two friends, Jessica and Ellie.  Jessica was the quiet kind.  She was very artistic, and quite creative.  Ellie, on the other hand, was very outgoing and bubbly.  They both sat staring back at Kat, a very fun person, who was quite a laugher, and at this point, may have laughed a bit too much.  Kat had been lying on her stomach, chatting with Jessica and Ellie, as they all sat on the bed.  They were all spending the night at Kat's place, and were getting a little bored.  Ellie, just out of sheer boredom, drug a finger across one of Kat's bare feet, and Kat had let out a squeal.  Now, Kat could tell a plot was hatching in Ellie's mind.

            Just then, Ellie and Jessica's eyes met, smiles spread across their faces, and they leapt up, as if shocked.  Jessica leapt onto Kat, and proceeded to hold her down, while Ellie went to Kat's dresser, and started rummaging through her drawers, as if she was looking for something in particular.

            "Hold still," Jessica order Kat, as she struggled, trying to throw Ellie off.  "This won't hurt, a bit!"

            Kat managed to throw Jessica off, but Jessica was resilient, and jumped right back at her, this time landing so that she was sitting across Kat's arms.  Kat continued to struggle, but the way Jessica was laying across her arms, she couldn't produce much of retaliation.

            "Got it," Ellie exclaimed, as she pulled Kat's entire collection of pantyhose out of the drawer.

            "Oh, my God," Kat shouted, "what are you doing?"

            "You'll see," Ellie said, grabbing a pair of hose and bounding over to the bed.

            Jessica was still laying across Kat's arms, as Ellie grabbed one of Kat's wrists, and started wrapping the hose around it, knotting it several times, and then tying the loose end to one of the bed posts.

            "Stop it," Kat cried.  "Let me go, now!"

            Ellie acted as if she didn't even hear Kat's cries.  She proceeded to grab the other wrist, and tie it, in the same fashion, to the other corresponding bed post.  She then turned, and went to the bottom of the bed.

            "Oh, no you don't," Kat stated, and started kicking, wildly.

            "A little help, here Jess," Ellie said, motioning to the flailing legs.

            With that, Jessica moved down so that she was lying across Kat's legs.  Her legs were not as easy to hold down, as they were very strong, but it was enough that Ellie could grab her ankles, and tie them tightly together with several knots, and then pull it tightly, and fasten it to the frame support, underneath the bed.

            Jessica and Ellie stood back, and watch Kat squirm.

            "Come on, you guys!  This isn't funny!"  Kat struggled wildly, but could not get free.  Who'd have thought that Ellie was such an expert on bondage?

            "What do you think, Kat?" Ellie asked.

            "I think you need to untie me, NOW," Kat demanded.

            "You sure are demanding, to be in such a helpless position," Jessica taunted.

            "I think we need to teach her a lesson in respect," Ellie chimed in.

            "What?" Kat's voice trembled.  "What are you going to do?"

            Ellie was rummaging through her overnight bag, and produced a feather.

            "You've never had a birthday tickling, have you?" Jessica questioned.

            "No!" Kat shouted.  "No, no, no, no, no!"

            But Jessica and Ellie had made up their minds.  They had heard Kat laugh, many times, and always wondered if she was ticklish.  When Ellie had innocently tickled Kat's foot, they got their answer.  Now, they weren't about to pass up the opportunity to hear Kat laugh some more.

            "Don't do it,” Kat demanded.

            Ellie inched closer and closer to Kat's helpless bare feet.

            "Happy birthday, cootchie coo," Ellie sang.

            "Nooo, nooo, nooo,” Kat cringed and struggled, as Ellie dangled the feather closer and closer to her extremely ticklish feet.

            Ellie began to drag the feather up and down Kat's left foot.  Kat bit her lip, and tried to fight back the laughter.  She hoped that if she could hold out long enough, without laughing, they would get bored and stop.  She couldn't hold out very long.  She tried to ward them off.

            "I'm really not that ti-hi-hicklish," Kat's voice trembled as the feather was working its magic on her foot.  It really tickled very much, but Kat didn't want to give them the satisfaction.  She made the mistake of using her right foot, to cover up her left foot.

            "Oh, that won't do," Jessica said.  Jessica ran down the hall, and came back with a roll of duct tape.  She pulled off a strip, and used it to tape Kat's two big toes together.  Now, her sole were completely helpless.

            Ellie continued working with the feather, as beads of sweat formed on Kat's face.  Ellie grabbed Kat's toes, pulled them back, and began poking the feather at the tender flesh that Kat had been protecting.  This was more than Kat could stand.  She let loose with a ticklish squeal.

            "Eeeeeeeeeaaaahaahaahaahahahahahahahahaha.  Nohohohohoho.  Stahahahahahahahop."

            Hearing her pleas seemed to fuel Ellie's desire to tickle harder.  She let go of the toes, and used that free hand to start raking the bottom of Kat's other foot.


            Kat started laughing hard, bucking maniacally against her bondage.

            Jessica saw this as a good time to join in, tired of just watching.

            She leaped onto the bed, and straddled Kat's mid-section.  She took the feather from Ellie, as Ellie then used all ten fingers in a full-force attack on Kat's helpless, ticklish feet.  Jessica began dipping the feather into Kat's belly button.  Kat was already laughing uncontrollably; the new ticklish sensations in her belly button heightened the pitch of her laughter.  Kat tried to saw side to side, in an attempt to escape the feather, but Jessica had her pinned firmly in place.  Jessica used the feather in Kat's belly button, for a few minutes, as Kat screamed to her fullest, unable to stop the ticklish sensations that were invading her body.

            Jessica then began to probe other areas with the feather.  She dragged it up and down Kat's sides, and all around her rib cage.  Kat had gone into a state of spasmodic laughter, at this point, so Ellie and Jessica stopped, for a minute, to let her catch her breath.

            "No........more......."  Kat struggled to get it out.  She was breathing heavily, and covered in sweat.

            "No more?"  Jessica questioned.  "Why we're just getting started?"

            Kat's eyes widened with horror, as Jessica started flittering the feather ever closer to her bare armpits.

            "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, not there.  Anywhere but there."  Kat pleaded to no avail.  She surged with insane laughter long before the feather ever reached her underarm.  When it did, she surged even harder.  Kat didn't know how much more of this she could stand.  It was pure torture.  Her heart was beating wildly.  Sweat was running down her face.  It's a good thing she hadn't had anything to drink, recently, or she would have probably already wet herself.

            Ellie had continued her attack on Kat's feet, but was using the other hand to drag her fingers up and down Kat's legs.  She continued in this fashion for several minutes, before jumping up and sitting on Kat's legs.  Once on Kat's legs, she started poking her fingers in and around Kat's hips.

            "Haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaahaaahaahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha," Kat could scarcely catch her breath in between screams of laughter.  She had given up struggling, and was just lying on the bed, laughing non stop.  Her body was pulsing with ticklish sensations from all over.  Jessica had dropped the feather and was wiggling five fingers in each armpit.  Spend about thirty seconds in the armpits, and then venture down, poking all around Kat's underarms, and then down to her ribs, across her stomach, and then back up into her armpits.

            They would stop periodically, and let Kat catch her breath, but no sooner could Kat start to speak than they would start again.

            They both jumped off the bed, and each took a hold of a foot, and went to work.

            Twenty merciless fingers rummaging wildly all over Kat's extremely ticklish feet was more than she could stand.  She started jerking against her restraints, more strongly than ever.  She just could not break free, and she was starting to feel that feeling.

            She struggled to get it out.

            "I-hi-hi-hi-'ve gotta PEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE."

            They stopped.

            "Great," Ellie said, disappointedly.  "If I wasn't worried about the smell, we'd tickle the pee right out of you, but I can't stand the thought of the smell."

            With that, they untied her.

            Kat ran to the restroom, and relieved herself.

            Kat stormed back into the room, intent on revenge.  That was her mistake.

            They were waiting against the wall next to the door.

            They pounced on her and overwhelmed her.

            Soon Kat found herself in the same position, she had been in before; bound to the bed, toes taped together, and Ellie at the foot of the bed wielding the feather.

            "Not again......."