Martina McBride Meets The Deedles

Martina McBride, a sexy and beautiful country singer, was just getting ready to leave her house to go meet her husband for dinner in the neighboring town. Her husband had been there for a business meeting.

Martina was wearing a black fitted turtleneck, and blue jeans. She was in a hurry, so she grabbed her blue leather jacket, and slipped on her flip-flops. They were eating at a steakhouse. She didn't feel the need to be all dressed up.

It was already 6:30 and she was supposed to meet him there at 7:00. The drive to the neighboring town was easily forty minutes on the heavily traveled main highway. She decided to take the backroads, hoping to save a few minutes.

She turned down an old back road. A road so old, that the pavement was almost completely cracked over, and there were no yellow or white lines. As she drove down the road, her speedometer neared eighty miles per hour. All of a sudden, a deer jumped across the street ahead of her. She slammed on brakes, and began to swerve. When it was over, Martina was sitting in the ditch on the opposite side of the road, facing the direction she came from.

She had not hit the deer. That was good, she thought to herself. She pushed the accelerator, and heard the tires spinning against the mud from the afternoon storm. She tried several times, without success to get the car out. Finally, she gave up.

Martina got out of her car, and looked at where it sat. She was definitely ina mess.She looked back the way she came, but no lights were in sight. She looked the other direction, and could see a porchlight at the top of the hill. She headed for it.

She probably walked about a third of a mile, before she reached the house. She was weary of going there, because the house looked old and done in. She could also see that the house had a very dark basement.

Hesitantly, she knocked on the door.

After a short moment, the door opened, and there stood a woman of medium height, but probably close to 200 pounds.

"Whaddaya want?" The woman seemed annoyed.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I ran off the road trying to avoid a deer. My car is stuck a short ways down the road. I was wondering if maybe I could use your phone to call my husband."

"Say, you're that Martina McBride girl, ain't ya?"

"Yes, I'm kind of in a mess her, ain't I?"

"Come on in. I'll go get the phone. I'm Ms. Deedles. Call me Ann. Boy's come on in here. We got us a special guest. Ya'll know Martina McBride, dontcha?"

Four young men walked into the room. The oldest one looked to be about 23, and he looked at Martina with the most lustful look she had ever seen. The next was a tall skinny one, who was probably about 20. The third was about sixteen, and he looked just like the 23 year old. The last was a boy of about 14, but he looked to be the meanest. The woman went to get the phone.

"Howdy, ma'am," the tall skinny one said.

"How are you boys doing?" Martina tried to hide her nervousness.

The woman came back.

"You'll have to use the phone downstairs. This one up here's messed up."

The woman went ahead, and Martina turned to follow her. When Martina turned, however, she felt a sharp pain as something hit her on the back of the head. Everything went black and she was out cold.

When she came to, she could feel that she was in a very damp room. It seemed to be dark, and yet it seemed to be light. She finally figured out that she had been blindfolded. She tried to bring her hands to take it off, but she could not move them. Her hands, as well as her feet, were tied to the bed that she was laying in, so that she was in an X positiion, with her left hand tied above her head and to the left, her left foot below and to the left. and so on.

She was stretched out rather tightly, also. Almost every back part of her body lay flush against the bed, or whatever it was that she was on. Unknown to her, she was on a special bed, that had been made for a specific purpose.

Back many years ago, before her husband died, Ms. Deedles would find herself strapped into this bed, while her husband would tickle every inch of her body, until she could hardly breath. He would then stop, and wait for her to catch her breath, and then start again. Ever since the children had been born, and Ms. Deedles had eventually gain almost 80 pounds, the bed had lay, unused, in their dark, damp, dreary basement. Now it would be used again.

Martina pulled at the ropes that help her in place, but after a while, when it was obvious that they weren't going to compromise, she gave up.

After a moment or two, she heard footsteps of people entering the room. Then she heard a voice. It was Ms. Deedles.

"Well, little 'god fearin' woman', have ya 'got the blue' yet?" She was taunting her.

"What are you doing? Let me go." Martina pleaded.

"Not just yet. I want you to meet my boys. This is Zeke, Henry, Blake, and John."

Martina could not see them, but she knew which one was which. Most people list their children in order from oldest to youngest.

"What are you going to do to me?" Martina was scared.

"I'm goin' to show ya what happens 'when child rearin' women take off shoes.'" Ms. Deedles said.

At that, Martina felt the flip-flop on her right foot being taken off.

"Tell me, Martina," Ms. Deedles said in an evil voice, "are you ticklish?"

"What? Oh, hell no. Don't you dare."

"Who's gonna stop me?"

Ms. Deedles ran a long nail along the sole of Martina's right foot. Martina started to giggle.

"Noho, don't do that. I'm ticklish on my feet. Please don't."

But, Ms. Deedles was having fun. She began stroking Martina's right sole with all five of her long nails. Martina let out shrieks of ticklish laughter.

"Ahhhahahahahaha. Nohohohoho. Stahahahahahahop."

Martina then felt someone behind her, and it had to be one of the boys. He pulled her shirt of as far as it would go, and began pokin' his fingers at her ribs.

Martina went wild. She began jumping and swaying for all she could, but it was no use. The ropes that held her in place were well made, and were not going to give.

By this time the room was filled with Martina's screams. She couldn't hardly catch a breath. The other three sons joined in. It was Zeke who had started on her ribs. Now, Zeke stayed to the right side and worked on the ribs, while Blake put his hands under her shirt and began running his fingers into her armpits and along her breast.

While they were doing that, Henry took the left flip-flop off and began licking Martina's left foot. His tongue had soon hit every spot on the sole of Martina's left foot, and then he began sticking it between her toes. This almost sent her into spasmodic laughter. By this time Martina was thinking it couldn't possible get any worse.

Then it did.

The youngest, meanest one, John, pulled out his pocket knife, and began to cut her blue jeans straight down the middle. When he was finshed, Martina's pussy was in plain view. John then began to wiggle his the tips of his fingers along the lips and edges, oocasionally sticking a finger inside.

Martina was now pullying so hard, that her hands and wrists were turning blue from the pressure.

"Aaahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Nohohohohohohohohohohohoh."

Just when Martina thought she couldn't last any longer, she passed out.

When she woke up, she was lying in the grass next to her car. It was daylight. Her car had been pulled out of the ditch. She wanted to go back to the house and give them a piece of her mind, but she thought better of it. She might get another dose.

When she got back home, her husband came out of the bathroom.

"Where the hell have you been?" he asked.

"You wouldn't believe me, if I told you."