McKenzie’s Revenge
McKenzie’s Revenge
        It was many weeks later, since her tickling ordeal.  McKenzie was thinking about the girl who had tickled her, and she wanted some revenge.  So she got in touch with the Tickle King, to help her get back at the girl.
        McKenzie had always considered herself to be pretty good at tickling people.  McKenzie found out where I lived, and they went to my house.  There, she found me on my couch.  She moved me onto my back, put my arms over my head, and handcuffed them.  She then moved my legs into a spread eagle position and cuffed them as well.
        I started to wake up and heard a familiar voice from TV.  It was McKenzie Westmore.
        She was asking me “Are you ticklish?”
        I said, “Yes, very.
        I heard a man's voice say, “Kat, I am the Tickle King.”
        McKenzie started without warning, and dug all ten fingers into my ribs and my laughter was explosive, and soon dissolved into girlish giggling.
        “Heehheeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa.  Come on, stop it. 
        The Tickle King said, “What?  Stop this?” 
        He then dug all his fingers into my stomach 
        They loved the reaction they were getting.  McKenzie placed one hand in each under arm and said, “Cootchie cootchie coo.”
        The Tickle King placed his lips over my navel and blew, and I went berserk.  I was hysterical. 
        McKenzie asked, “Do you need a break, for a minute?”
        I nodded yes.  They stopped for a bit and gave me a drink of water.  
        McKenzie asked me, “Why did you tickle me?” 
        I replied, “Because, I love you on passions, and I saw Chris do it, and it looked fun.  I love the sound of your laugh; it is so nice to hear. 
        McKenzie asked me, “Are you ticklish on the feet?”
        I answered, “Yes, on my toes and in-between them.
        The Tickle King had tied my toes apart, with dental floss, and produced a feather.  McKenzie started tickling the actual feet and I cracked up. 
        The Tickle King went in between the toes and this is what he heard.
        McKenzie tickled the toes. 
        McKenzie then said, “Okay, I am done.”
        She untied me and let me go to the bathroom.
The End