Effects Of Horseplay

Kathy sat in the kitchen of her home, watching the her soap opera, which had become very boring and repetitive, lately. With all the new soaps, her soap ("Days of Our Lives") had been writing lots of shallow story-lines, all concerned with crime, sex, and scandal. There wasn't much left on the show to be happy about. Everyone was always at someone else's throat.

She decided that she'd seen enough for the day, so she called her neighbor Shirley. It was almost 2:00 p.m., and Mike, Kathy's husband, wouldn't be home until almost six, and he was bringing dinner. Shirley wasn't doing anything, so Kathy put on her shoes, Nike cross-trainers, and left for Shirley's, to spend the afternoon gossiping and drinking coffee. Shirley's husband, Patrick, usually got home from work around 4:30, and he and Kathy were also very good friends. They're friendship, strangely enough, was rather physical. Not, heavy petting or anything sexual, but lots of hugs (bear hugs, that is). They enjoyed wrestling each other. Sometimes, Patrick would let Kathy win, but most of the time Patrick emerged victorious.

Kathy and Shirley sat talking about work (they both worked part-time), love life, and the joint vacation that they were planning to take to the Florida Keys. They'd been friends for quite a while, and this was the first vacation they had ever planned to take together. Time flew by as they talked, and the next thing they knew, Patrick was walking through the door. He walked in, kissed Shirley, and smiled at Kathy.

"What's a matter, Kathy? Didn't get enough last time?"

He was referring to their last wrestling match, when he had power-bombed her onto the bed in the guest bedroom (it had a tray ceiling that peaked at ten feet).

"You're in for it this time," she lashed back.

She got up and went into the living room, which had a big open area in the center, which served as their "ring".

"Okay," Patrick laughed. "You're asking for it."

"Come on, then," Kathy taunted. "Quit talking, and start walking."

He stepped in front of her. She lunged at him, and they grappled in a sort of collar-elbow tie-up, for a little while, before Kathy slipped under his arm and tried to put him in a sleeper hold. He leaned forward, and did a weak snapmare, landing her on the couch. He went to lay on top of her and smother her, but she rolled under him onto the floor. She sprang back up, in time to hoisted on to Patrick's shoulders.

As Patrick spun Kathy around in circles, Shirley came in with a set of Velcro cuffs, and some nylon rope. Patrick saw this and, gathering the idea, laid Kathy down on a recliner. Kathy was dizzy from the spinning, so she didn't realize what was really going on, until her wrists had already been fastened into the Velcro cuffs, and Shirley was stretching a rope attached to the cuffs to the bottom legs of the chair. Shirley wound the rope around the middle connector of the cuffs, and back to the legs three times, before tying it in a series of slip-knots.

After that, Patrick turned the crank, leaning the chair back, and extending the foot rest. This stretched Kathy's arms a little more, and it was tight enough now, that her arms were almost straight over her head.

Kathy was kicking her feet wildly, laughing and fussing at the same time. Patrick grabbed on foot, and Shirley grabbed the other. They each tied the a foot to either side of the footrest, leaving her feet about two feet apart, which is not too far apart for comfort, but far enough apart that she can't touch them together.

Shirley and Patrick stood back, admiring their work, and watching Kathy struggle helplessly against the ropes and cuffs. Kathy is wearing a T-shirt, blue-jeans, black socks, and her tennis shoes.

"What do we do, now?" Shirley asked.

"I don't know," Patrick replied. "I wonder if she's ticklish."

Kathy's eyes opened wide.

"No, I'm not ticklish," she lied. She was outrageously ticklish, and feared being tickled, even ever so slightly. Sometimes, in the bed at night, Mike's foot would brush her foot, and she would almost jump clean out of her skin, it tickled so much.

"Well, we'll just see about that," Patrick smiled sadistically. "I've always wondered. I sure won't pass up this opportunity to find out."

It was about 5:00 p.m. as Patrick pulled Kathy's shirt up, revealing a bikini top. Patrick wiggled his fingers closer and closer, and Kathy just sat their staring. At the last second, she tried to pull away, but it was no use. His fingers hit her ribs, and she could only hold the laughter for about a tenth of a second.

"Aaaaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaahaaahaaahaahaahahahahahaha. Staahop."

Within a few seconds, she was laughing violently, and shaking the chair as she pulled against her restraints. Shirley went to her feet, and began untying Kathy's tennis shoes. She removed the shoes and socks, and began dragging her long fingernails along Kathy's helpless soles.

The pitch of Kathy's laughter heightened at this point, and she was bucking violently against the ropes, and laughing hysterically as her captors tormented her helpless, ticklish body.

The phone rang, and Patrick answered, leaving Shirley doing a full ten-finger tickle on Kathy's feet. It was Mike calling. He had gotten home from work about 30 minutes early.

"Hey, Mike what's going on?"

"Not much," Mike said, as he heard the roaring laughter in the background. He recognized the laughter as Kathy's. "What's Kathy laughing at?"

"Her feet."

"What's so funny about her feet?" Mike asked.

"Shirley's fingernails are scratching them."

"Oh, I get it," Mike said. "Can I come over? This I've gotta see."

"Sure, come on," Patrick said, with a smile.

Mike rushed over, rang the doorbell, and was greeted by Patrick. Mike walked in to see his wife, Kathy, tied to the recliner, getting the tickling of her life. Mike was stiff the second he saw it. He had a secret fantasy of tying his wife up and tickling her, but he had never considered it, because he knew how much she hated being tickled. He had to limit himself to what she thought were accidental brushes of the feet at night, because any time he tried to tickle her, she would start screaming very and hitting him as hard as she could. The screaming he could stand, but she could hit pretty hard. Well, now she couldn't hit him. He started to walk over and join in, when he saw the pile of ropes in the floor. There were at least ten more strips of rope, cut at various lengths.

An idea was hatching in Mike's head, as Patrick knelt down to resume his torture on Kathy's ribs and underarms. Mike reached down, unnoticed, and pick up the longest strip of rope. It was approximately 8 feet long. He knelt behind Shirley, unbeknownst to her, and started wrapping the rope around her shoulders. He had two loops before Shirley grasped the situation, and before she could shirk them off, Mike pulled the rope tight, and continued wrapping it around her shoulders until he it would no longer reach.

Patrick saw what Mike was doing, and decided that he'd better let him go (after all, it was Mike's wife who was tied to the chair). After Mike had tied the rope, he picked Shirley up and laid her face down on the couch. He grabbed another piece of rope, and tied Shirley's wrists together, behind her back. He then tied her ankles together, tightly, and then, for extra measure, he tied her knees together. After that, he used a shorter piece of rope to tie her ankles and wrists together. When he was done, he looked down at Shirley, lying face down on the couch, in a tight hog-tie. She was wearing black jeans, and a red T-shirt. She was already barefoot, so Mike started by wiggling his fingers across her little pink soles.

Shirley began pulling and squirming, trying to pull free, because she was also quite ticklish. After a few seconds, she started giggling, and then a few seconds later, exploded into full force laughter.


Patrick continued moved his fingers up into Kathy's armpits, wiggling them and causing her to squeal at a pitch high enough to shatter glass. The tickling had been going on for over thirty minutes, now, and Kathy's ribs were sore from the tickling and laughing.

Mike began poking Shirley's ribs, and she started laughing so hard that she was practically coughing out deep-gut exertions. As Mike went back and forth, up and down her ribs, Shirley screamed with insane ticklish laughter. She wasn't sure how long she would last. She'd had to go to the bathroom for about twenty minutes, but held it because she was having so much fun tickling Kathy.

Speaking of Kathy, she had already passed out from the tickling she was receiving, so Patrick came over and joined Mike in torturing Shirley. Patrick knew all of Shirley's tickling spots, and soon Shirley was laughing incredibly hard, and passed out, also.

Mike still wanted a chance to tickle Kathy, while she was tied up, so he and Patrick moved her into the guest bedroom, and tied her in a X, across the bed. They moved Shirley into the master bedroom, and did the same.

Kathy awakened first, to see Mike sitting in a chair staring at her.

"Oh, God, Mike untie me," she said.

"Not yet," he said. "I haven't had my turn yet."

With that he rose, and walked to the foot of the bed. Horror filled Kathy's mind, as Mike reached his fingers out to her helpless feet. Within seconds, the guest bedroom was once again filled with explosive laughter.

In the master bedroom, Shirley awoke to see Patrick seated on top of her, straddling her waist. She didn't get a chance to speak, only let out a scream, as Patrick dug his fingers into her ribs.

They laughter that filled Patrick and Shirley's house that night, was enough to make any comedy production sound like a funeral. Kathy still remembers that night vividly, and with that in mind, she allows Mike to tickle her anytime he wants to. Anything to keep from having to endure that endless torture again.