Sara Hears A Sound

Sara Evans walked from the building, where her last video shoot had taken place. She had been filming the video for the single "I Could Not Ask For More." As she walked along, she was singing the song to herself, and looking at her outfit. She had felt sexy in the black skirt and heels she wore during the video, so she had decided to wear the outfit to town that night. Only, she had put on a pair of black pantyhose, because she knew that it was going to be cool, later during the night.

As she walked to her car, she heard a noise coming from one of the other building. It sounded, to her, almost like someone saying "Help me." She stopped, but didn't hear it again. She was certain, however, that she had heard something.

She went and put her stuff in her car, a beautiful Lexus, and went to check out the building where the cry had come from. She walked to the door. It was cracked, ever so slightly, so that no one could tell it was open, unless they were right there at it. She eased it open, and looked inside. It was pitch black. She proceeded in very carefully. As she proceeded in the dark, she put both her hands out in front of her to feel for objects that might get in the way.

The door slammed shut. She turned around, but it was so dark, that she couldn't see where she was going. She could see the light under the door, so she walked back to it. However, two people in the dark, were holding a bar low, about ankle height, and when Sara went towards the door, she tripped on it and fell. She didn't hit the floor, however, because she was caught by the two people who were waiting for her.

She tried to scream, but right as her lips were about to open, she felt a hand go over her mouth. After the hand was removed, she found that the hand had help a peice of duct tape, and now her lips were taped shut. She struggled, but the two captors were much stronger than her, and she was helpless in their clutches.

They took her into a room and sat her in a chair. It was dark, so she couldn't see the chair, or the captors. The chair had an unusual feel to Sara. She felt her arms being pulled up over her head, and then she felt straps fastening around them. After the straps were fastened around her hands, the bottom of the chair angled out, lifting her feet off of the floor. Her feet were then spread apart about three feet, and each ankle was secured by a strap. They then put a blindfold on her and turned the lights on.

"So, miss purty girl thinks she can flaunt her stuff up on that video stage, and get away with it, does she?" The first voice was familiar, but she couldn't place it.

"Yeah, if I looked like that, I would flaunt it like that. Little Jezebel." The second voice belonged to a woman. She knew who it was. It was two of the people who had helped in setting up the stage.

"I think what she needs is a little punishment for her wrongdoings." It was the man's voice.

A cold terror gripped Sara's whole body. Punishment. What would they do to her?

"Tell me Sara," the woman teased, "has anyone ever given you a dose of tickle torture."

What? Tickle torture?

"Come on, Sara, are you ticklish?"

She then felt straps being put around her knees, and elbows. Also, for a greater level of restriction, they put a strap around her waist.

Sara sat there in the chair, gripped with horror. She was extremely ticklish, all over her body. What was she to do?

She felt one of her heels being taken off.

Oh, God!!! Not my feet, she thought, anywhere but there.

The man began rubbing his fingers on the sole of Sara's helpless right foot. She squirmed, trying not to laugh. The man continued, unrelentiing, in the same even pattern.

Soon, Sara could not take any more. She burst out to laught, but she couldn't get her mouth open, it was still taped shut.

"Whoops, forgot something," the woman said, as she ripped the tape off.

Sara burst into screams.

"Oh, my God. Pleeeeaaase stop it. Don't t-t-t-t...," but she couldn't get another word out. The other woman had taken off Sara's left shoe, and begun tickling the left foot with long fingernails.

"Aaaaaahhhhahahahahahaha. NOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH." Sara was laughing so hard that she was turning completely red from the neck up.

The woman continued tickling Sara's feet, because this was her favorite place. The man walked around behind the chair, and brought his hands to Sara's elbows. He began easing slowly downward, using the tips of his fingers to lightly rub across the skin. The closer he got to Sara's armpits the more she struggled against her restraints. Why had she put on that sleeveless shirt. Why hadn't she put on her jacket? It was too late now.

When he reached her armpits, she jerked so hard, one would think she could have broke free, but those straps were strong and tight. She wasn't getting out until they let her out. And they didn't have plans to let her out anytime soon.

After torturing her underarms, for a while, he pulled her shirt up, so that it coverd her head, but left her ribs bare. He then dug his fingers down into her ribs, be certain that he got in between each one, over and over again.

The woman was still working on Sara's feet. She was tickling the tops and bottoms now.

Sara was in agony. She didn't know how much more she could take. She felt herself burning within. It wouldn't take much more and she was going to climax, but just when she thought she was about to climax, they stopped.

Sara didn't say anything. She was just glad they had stopped. She was afraid if she said anything, it might give them a reason to start back.

She didn't have to say anything. As soon as she had caught her breath, they lit in again.

"OH, NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahah. Hohohohoheeheehee

Haahaahaaa. Pleeeheeeheeeease, stahahahop."

They continued their merciless tickle torture for about twenty more minutes, when Sara finally passed out. When she woke up, she was sitting in the front seat of her car. She drove away, but knew that she would never go after strange hands again, unless she had someone else with her.