I live in Illinois, and I'm a closet transvestite. I would be more open about it, but I live in a small town, and I doubt that I would be accepted. If one person found out, it would be all over town in no time. I work at a plant in Rockford, which is about a 35 minute drive. Though I'm a closet tv, I still live on the edge a little bit. Anytime I wear long pants and my workboots, I'll wear pantyhose, thigh-highs, or trouser socks with underneath, because theirs little worry about anyone seeing it. I had worked at another plant in Rockford, but I had to quit after my little secret was discovered.

I'm a plastic cutter, and lots of times the plastics will somehow find a way into my boots. It's rather uncomfortable, so I have to remove the boot, and dump the plastic out. I try to make sure that no one is watching, but on this particular occasion I guess I missed someone.

I was out in the warehouse, loading some boxes onto a pallet for shipping, when the boss came out and grabbed the shrinkwrap. I just figured that he was going to help me. I hadn't noticed another employee walking out behind him. I'll call them Jerry and Jack,for the sake of privacy.

The next thing I knew, Jack grabbed my hands, and held them down by my sides. Then Jerry started wrapping the shrinkwrap around me. I struggled, but it happened to quick, and before I knew it I was my arms were wrapped several times and I couldn't move them.

Jerry continued to shrinkwrap me from shoulders to ankles, and then the shrinkwrap shrunk, and tightened around me, until it was so tight I could hardly even wiggle. They then threw me up on a nearby table. By now, the other nine people from the production area were out there, and they asked Jerry, the boss, what was going on. Jerry told them to wait a minute and they would see.

They wrapped shrink wrap around me and the table, until I was held firmly in place. The only parts of my body that could move were my head and feet. I was yelling at them and cursing.

Then Jerry started telling the people that he'd seen me cleaning out my shoe the other day, and that he could've sworn that I was wearing pantyhose. I was then and I was at this time, too.

I was wearing jet-black thighhighs under my black jeans and black work boots.

Jerry walked over and began untying my boots. He unlaced them a little and pulled them off one at a time, revealing my black stockinged feet. The people had their reactions, some laughing, some cursing me, and some just shocked.

Jack was standing there, and I guess he couldn't resist, but he ran his fingers up and down my right foot. I jerked and tried to pull my foot away. He realized I was ticklish and did it some more. One of the other people, a woman, noticed and came and started tickling my left foot. Soon, I couldn't hold back anymore, and I started laughing.

When the other people heard me laughing, they came over and watched as Jack and the woman, I"ll call her Jill, tickled my feet. I knew that there was no way that I was going to be able to break free from the shrink wrap, so I didn't even try. I just laid there laughing, as they tickled my feet.

I was very embarrassed, because my secret had been discovered. I was also very worried, because I didn't know how long they would tickle me, before they decided that they needed to go back to work. The bell sounded which meant that it was break time. Now, they didn't have to stop. They continued all through the fifteen minute break. By the time break was over, I had laughed so hard, that my sides were hurting. When the bell rang again, Jack got out his razor and cut me free. They all went back in, and I went out the door, left, and I never went back.