Stephanie And Carol Anne's First Adventure

Stephanie and Carol Anne had been carpooling together for over a year. Stephanie lived on Carol Anne's way to work, so Carol Anne would either stop and pick Stephanie up, or stop and Stephanie would drive. This worked out well for both of them, and they became very good friends.

One day they were on their way out of work, and they were running a little bit late. It was dark, and they were both weary from a hard day's work at the office.

As they were driving home, they saw a woman pulled over on the side of the road. She was, apparently, having trouble with her van. She was waving for them to stop. They stopped and asked it they could be any help.

"Well," she said. "My son's in the back. He's only a baby. Do you mind keeping an eye on him, while I try to get under the van and see what's wrong."

"Sure," they agreed, though they really wanted to get home. They hated to leave her out here in the dark, though.

She went to the back of the van and opend the doors. She pointed to a small baby seat, he's up there.

Stephanie climbed into the back of the van, first, followed by Carol Anne.

They went over to the crib.

"Hey," Stephanie turned. "This thing is empty."

Before she or Carol Anne could start heading back towards the door, however, the woman slammed them shut.

Carol Anne scrambled to the back. The doors had no handles, or any way to open them from the inside.

Stephanie tested the side door, and found it to be the same way.

"What's happening," Carol Anne's heart raced with fear.

"I don't know, but I don't like it." Stephanie said.

The van started to take off.

"So, there was nothing wrong with the van," Stephanie snorted.

"That could only mean one thing," Carol Anne deduced. "We're being kidnapped."

They screamed, but there was no one to hear them.

The back of the van was walled of from the front.

Up above them, the girls heard a sound.

Sleeping gas was coming out of sprayers in the ceiling of the van.

Carol Anne and Stephanie soon fell into a deep sleep.

When they awoke, they each found themselves seated in a strange chair.

Their hands had been pulled up over their heads, and their feet were lashed to the sides of the foot rests. There were also several straps from their waist to their knees. They were also blindfolded, and gagged.

Carol Anne struggled trying to get free.

She tried to scream, but she was stopped by the gag.

Stephanie was also struggling against the restraints.

After a few moments, they heard footsteps of people entering the room.

They heard a man's voice.

"Hello, ladies. I am the Tickle King."

"And, I am his assistant." It was the voice of the woman from the van.

The Tickle King looked at the girls.

Stephanie was wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt. She was wearing off black pantyhose and a pair of back flats. Carol Anne was wearing a white blouse, with a black vest. She was wearing jet black pantyhose under black shorts, and a pair of black flats.

The tickle king walked over to Stephanie, and gently removed the shoe from her right foot.

"Tell me Stephanie." He knew her name. "Are you ticklish."

Fear went through Stephanie's body. Yes, her feet were extremely ticklish.

Carol Anne heard it, too, and began to worry. She knew that she was ticklish everywhere on her body.

The Tickle King began stroking the bottom of Stephanie's right foot, and she started to squirm. She couldn't move.

She tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled "Mmmph."

She couldn't hold back anymore.

She was laughing under the gag, and it made a funny sound.

The woman went over behind Carol Anne, and began unbuttoning Carol Anne's blouse.

"I like to tickle armpits," the woman said.

Carol Anne went cold with horror. That was her most ticklish spot.

The woman stuck her hands in Carol Anne's blouse, and began wiggling her fingers against Carol Anne's armpits.

This sent shivers of ridiculous ticklishness thoughout Carol Anne's body, and she began bucking like a wild bronco.

She was trying to laugh and scream, but the gag didn't permit it.

Carol Anne and Stephanie both sat there bucking and mmphing as their sadistic captors preyed heavily upon their helpless captives.

The Tickle King had torn through Stephanie's hose, and was now going between her toes with a Q-Tip. This made Stephanie almost jump completely off the seat, but the restraints held her in place.

The woman took an electric massager, turned it on, and began running along Carol Anne's extremely ticklish ribs. Carol Anne was in tears. She was laughing so hard under the gag, that she thought she was going to implode from the pressure.

"Mmmmmmhmmmmhmmmhmmmm." Carol Anne was trying her best to get it out, but she couldn't.

The Tickle King moved around, behind Stephanie, lifted up her shirt, and began teasing her armpits. It was pure torture. Stephanie was in the depths of despair. She fetl that she would not be able to take much more. She pulled her wrists against the restraints, but there was no give. Her feet were held motionless by the restraints that bound them. She was completeless helpless to this sadistic monster.

Carol Anne was on the brink of unconsciouness when they finally stopped. They allowed the girls a little time to catch their breath, which was not easy because they were gagged, and one can not breath as heavily through her nose as she can her mouth.

Just for fun, while they were trying to get their breath, the tickle king would come and hold their noses shut for a few seconds, just to watch them struggle in agony, trying to find a way to breath.

After a fifteen minute break, the Tickle King and the woman switched victims.

The tickle king immediately went to work on Carol Anne's feet, which had been untouched up to that point, and the woman showed Stephanie what the electric massager felt like.

The girls exploded into bucking and violent attempts at resistance, one more, but once again, they could do nothing to protect themselves from the tickle torture that was being inflicted upon them.

After about three hours, the Tickle King and woman would finally stop, and put the girls under again.

When the girls awakened, they were back in Stephanie's car at the office, and it was time to go to work. What would the people say. They looked like hell. They stunk. They were wearing the same clothes as the previous day. Their pantyhose were torn away from their bare feet. They decided to go home and call in sick.