The Job

I woke up, that morning, in the hotel bed. I had come to Fresno, because of a job opening I had discovered online. The place was called Borrowed Fantasies, and they were willing to pay transvestites up to $60 an hour to be in their videos. I had sent them my portfolio, and they had told me that they would only hire me after a trial period. Today, I, Jesse Canning, was to go for the trial period. If they liked me, they would pay me $20 an hour for the trial period, and then I would begin working four hours a day, three days a week, for $40 an hour. That comes to a total of $480 per week. The better I did, the more they would pay me, to a maximum of $60 an hour, which comes to $720 per week. If I was good, I might be making up to $36k a year.

I got up, and took a piss, and then took a shower. While I was in the shower, I made sure to give myself an extra good shaving, because I wanted to make a very good impression. After I had showered, I got dressed. Oh, what to wear, what to wear.

I finally decided on a blue denim dress, with jet black pantyhose. The dress was very short, and the pantyhose were shear, with no seams. Now, I had to decide on my shoes. I figured I'd better go with the sexiest shoes that I had brought. A pair of black, high-heeled sandals, with the strap that goes around above the ankle.

After getting dressed, I shaved my face, against the grain as always, so that there was no stubble. I put on my makeup, making myself a little darker around the eyes than I normally do. I wanted to look mysterious and sophisticated. After dabbing some perfume on my neck, I grabbed my pocketbook and hotel key, and went to the hotel lobby for the continental breakfast.

I had discovered that no matter what I ate, my 5'7", 125 pound body never seemed to change. I guess I was blessed with a woman's body, and a man's ability to keep of the pounds.

I ate two bagels, with cream cheese, and drank two cups of black coffee. I love my coffee black.

After breakfast, I went back to the room to watch some T.V. After all, it was only 8:30. I didn't have to be there until 1:00. I know I probably got ready a little bit too early, sometimes, but I like the feel of the clothes I wear, and it makes me horny to wear them and see myself in them. Because of that, I wear the clothes whenever and wherever I can.

My home was back in Illinois, and back there I worked out of my home, doing what little odd jobs I could do. Occasionally, I would strip at a gay birthday party, and seasonally, I would waitress at a gay bar. I didn't do it during the summer or winter, because those were my two peak months in my work at home business. With the job I was applying for now, though, I would make more money in one week, than I usually made in two weeks back home.

Slowly, the day dragged on. I was so excited. I guessed that made it seem slower.

Borrowed Fantasies was only a block from my hotel, so at about 12:15, I left and started walking. I stopped at a little diner next to the hotel, and had a pot roast. It was 12:50. when I left the diner. It had taken a little longer than expected. I walked hurriedly to the Borrowed Fantasies office.

They actually had a whole building to themselves. It was a lot larger than I thought it would be. I was on time for the meeting. I met with the director, and he took one look at me and then he said to me, "I hope this works out. I might just have to do this testing, myself."

"Whatever you like," I said.

"I'm Jack. Here at Borrowed Fantasies, we specialize in fetish videos. The department you will be in, is the bondage department. That department pays the most, except for the sex video department, which pays more because it requires more compromise. Are you comfortable with bondage."

"I've been in bondage before," I smiled.

"Well, good," he said. "Come right this way, and Laura will get you ready for your trial shoot."

Laura was a pretty, young girl, of about 22. I was 26, but she looked as old as me.

She showed me too a room, with black walls and a few paintings scattered here and there. In the center of the room was a big set of stocks. They weren't really like stocks, though, they were different. This was very elaborate set of stocks. It was shaped sort of like an L. At the top was a set of leather cuffs, obviously for the hands, and a little lower, and a little bit more separated, was another set of cuffs. I deduced that they were for the elbows. There was a strap at the bend, which was obviously a waist strap, and then there was another strap to go across the top of the thighs. Then there was a strap to go across the knees, and a very long strap at the feet.

She took me into a back room, where there was a chair, a mirror, and an elaborate set of makeup. She added a little bit more makeup, here and there, so that I would look my best on camera. When she was done, she led me back in the room, where Jack now stood waiting.

"Have a seat," Jack said, and pointed to the stocks.

I walked over and without hesitation sat down. I didn't want to show any sign of fear, or second thoughts. I wanted this job, and I wanted it bad. I didn't really care what they did to me. This job would pay good, and could be the beginning of bigger things for me.

"Your name is Jesse Cannings?" He asked.

"Yes," I said, "but my friends call me Jessica."

"Alright, here we go."

He started by putting each of my hands into the cuffs, and buckling them shut. He then put my ankles together, and began wrapping the strap around them. He probably wrapped the strap around them six or seven times. So, that was why it was so long. He then put my elbows into the elbow cuffs. After that, he fastened the straps around my waist, thighs, and knees.

"Now, try to move," he said.

I struggled, pulled, twisted, and turned, but the only parts of my body that I could move were my toes, my fingers, and my head.

"I think you've got me," I laughed.

"Good. Okay, this is to be a two hour session, and then we will take the best clips, and make a video for you."

"Sounds good to me," I said.

He walked around behind me and wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. This was exhilarating. I was getting aroused. I was getting so hard, that it was uncomfortable.

"Okay, Laura," he said, "he, er, she's all yours."

Then something funny happened.

If felt Laura unbuckling the ankle strap on my left sandal. She unbuckled it and proceeded to take the sandal off, leaving my size 7, stockinged left foot with no protection. I then felt her doing the same to my right foot.

"Why are you doing that?" I asked.

"So that I can do this," the said.

She began dragging her nails across the soles of my feet. I squirmed and tried not to laugh, but I was ticklish.

"Waihaihaihait ahahaha mihihihinute. Nobody said ahahananythihihing about tihihihckling."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," Laura said as she teased my helpless soles. "Welcome to the tickle torture chamber."

Then she started wiggling her fingers faster. It was all I could stand

"Aaahahahahahahaha. Please, dohohohon't."

She didn't stop. I tried to move my feet, but that strap was not going to let me. I struggled against the cuffs and straps, but I could scarcely move. She was continually increasing the intensity with which she tickled my feet. I tried putting one foot in front of the other, so that atleast it would only be one foot at a time. I then felt her reach between my feet, and pull up some sort of separation board, that kept me from being able to put my feet in front of each other.

Then she dug in again.

"Ahhhhhhhahahahahahahaha. Hohohohohoheeheeheeheehee. That tickles."

"Good," she said.

As much as it tickled, I was still horny. Something about laying there helpless, and being taken advantage of sent pleasure all through me.

She finally let up on my feet, and I heard her walk around behind me. I then felt her fingernails start at the bottom of my ribs, working there way up. That really tickled.

"Hahahahahahahahaha. Nohohohohoho."

She was gradually working her way up, and the higher she got the more it tickled. When she reached my armpits, I nearly jumped clean out of my skin. They were very sensitive, because I had given them such a shaving that morning. I cut loose a scream, that might could have been heard all over Fresno.


I couldn't take much more, but it couldn't have been a few minutes. I had to endure this for two hours. It was going to be along two hours.

She turned her attention away from my armpits, and dug into my ribs again. My whole body was practically in spasms, and I felt almost sure that I was going to cum in my panties. She started digging in closer around my pelvis

She then stopped, walked around in front of me, and began tickling she tops of my legs. This didn't tickle as much as the other stuff it had been doing, but it did tickle. It was also doing amazing things for my erection. The closer she got to my dick, the more violent and explosive my laughter was becoming.

As she got closer in, it tickled more and more. I never realized that I was so ticklish there. She put her hands all the way into my dress, and was running her fingernails along the bottom of my testicles. I was doing all I could to rock and sway what little bit I could.

This was pure torture, but at the same time, it was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done. I was laughing violently and explosively, and then all of a sudden, boom. I exploded, and filled my panties with sperm. That didn't stop her.

She began stroking the back of my legs, and worked her way closer to my ass. I couldn't believe it. I was tickish on my ass, too. It may be, in part, blamed on those pantyhose, I was wearing. They probably did make the feeling different, and I probably was more ticklish with them on.

She finished with that, and then went back to my feet.

Here we go again.

She went back and started again.

After fifteen minutes she stopped. I knew it was fifteen minutes, because I asked her.

She laughed very sadisticly, when she told me how much longer I had to go.

After about a minute's rest, she started at it again.

That might have been the longest two hours of my life, but it also the most exhilarating two hours of my life up to that point.

I am proud to say that I did get the job. Jack said that I was the most ticklish shemale that he had ever seen. He also asked me out, a week later. We still go out together a lot, and I am now the highest paid actress at Borrowed Fantasies. I set the new standard, with $75 an hour. That's $900 a week, and $45,000 a year.