Tickle King's Tickle Stories

Tom Welling Gets Tricked, Tied, and Tickled at a Party

It's still dark outside the window as Tom starts to awaken. He tries to stretch, but he can't. He realizes it's because his arms are tied, spread apart, to the top bedposts. It dawns on him that his ankles are tied in much the same manner, to the lower bedposts. When he sees he is only wearing his sky blue boxers, he figures his old high-school buddies must be playing a trick on him.

The last thing he remembers at the costume party was drinking some strange tasting punch that a girl handed to him. What was her name? It was Shelley something or other. Yeah, that’s it, and her friends name was Kelly. His buddies are no where to be seen, so he assumes that they must have gone back to the party. Well, he thinks to himself, here goes.

"Help!", he screams, and surprisingly, the door opens.

It's the two girls he remembers from the party.

Thank goodness, he thinks to himself. He can get back to the party and make his buddies pay for this one. He remembered how cute the girls looked in twin French maid outfits, complete with lacey lone ranger type masks and huge feather dusters.

"Can you girls help me out?" He asks. "Some guys are playing a trick on me ,I can't seem to get loose."

"We will, Tom," says Kelly, "but you have a little problem."

"What problem?" he asks.

The girls look at each other.

"You look a little bit dusty to me," Shelley says.

Without warning, they are on each side of the bed "dusting" his entire upper body, from his hard, flat belly, up his sides and ribs, to his armpits. After a second of shocked silence, Tom squeals like a girl, jerking left and right, nearly bucking the girls off the bed. The two let him catch his breath as they whisper and giggle to each other. Then, Shelley climbs up and straddles Tom's hips, while Kelly gets on her knees between his legs.

"Girls ,please," Tom pleads. "I can't take this, and I'm getting nervous here. I need to pay my buddies back before they leave."

"Look, Tom, " Shelley says." Confession time. WE put a little something in your punch, and WE tied you up, and WE are NOT done. We know kryptonite is Superman's weakness, so now, we're going to find yours."

That's when she took her long fingernails and did some MAJOR scratching, all over his armpits. At the same time, Kelly was using both feather dusters all over the tops and insides of Tom's thighs. He was screaming, laughing harder and harder; while jerking and begging for mercy!! When Shelley briefly left his pits and dug her thumbs in under his ribcage, he was laughing so hard that tears were pouring down his cheeks.

Then they finally gave him a break, and after he caught his breath, he told them, "Okay, now let’s go. Checkout at this hotel is 11a.m. It's 10:45."

"Oh!" Shelley exclaimed. "Didn't we tell you? We rented this room for TWO days, and we are not finished with YOU!!

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