Tickle King's Tickle Stories
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This page allows you to help me make this the best site it can be.

To have your story posted...
Prepare an e-mail, addressed to the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. If you use a computer default e-mail server, you may click on the link, and an e-mail window will appear. Tell me the name that you would like for your stories to be listed under (preferably a code name of some sort). Add your story, or stories, to the e-mail as an attachment. If you have more than one, do one of two things. Wrap them up in a ZIP file, or send a separate e-mail for each story. Please, do not send me an e-mail with a bunch of attachments. Use good taste in your stories. This is not a porn site. I will not post stories of people being stripped to anything less than their undergarments. I will post tickling stories, only. You may include other types of torture, but tickling must be included. Send the e-mail, and if it meets my standards (which I do not consider high standards), I will post the story as soon as I can.


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